What do we fix? And how?

I posted this in the CFL Talk game day thread, but would like to see what others have to say on this board, so I'm re-posting it here...

Well you have a point but you missed one big thing.."Tackling". Tackling running backs, receivers, even tackling Henry Burris that one play when he was right in our hands about to be sacked and some how he escapes? I've seen Running backs bounce off our guys like nothing. Go For there legs and hold them or knock there feet out from under them. We do suck at
tackling! Even last game against Toronto it showed.

Also, Charles instead of Cates. I'm still waiting for the day....We should have done other kinds of running plays that doesn't
involve Cates and Pass the ball more on 1st downs like screens or other short passes and some long balls like we did. Especally pass the ball more when you know there having problems defending it.

This team is in big trouble.

Tamen has ruined (or is about to) this team.

If Tillman had this team still, he would have forced Daly out of there.

he would not have put up with for 15 games the pathetic excuse of a Special team we have.

I hate to say this, I really do! but unless Tamen and Hopson is gone, this team will be just like Winnipeg and B.C.

fighting for a playoff spot at the end, with 6 wins and 10 losses.

we'll no longer be a top team in this league.

2010 is our year because if we don't, we won't anytime soon.

Tillman definitely left us very weak on the oline. We need a couple of the young guys to step up. 3.5 years here and the only starter on the oline that Tillman is responsible for is Joel Bell, and he seems to be doing his best Charles Thomas imitation lately...

I think that if Tillman hadn't left pre-maturely that he would have begun to work on rebuilding the O-Line...

he just was forced to resign before he got the chance.. Thanks Hopson! :roll:

yep you hit the nail on the head cflsthebest! Taman will dismantle this team before next season and the good old BOG will keep thinkin, "giv'em one more year to make something happen" and before we know it.....we're dead last in the league and all the best gm candidates will be hired already. God help us if they make Berry HC!

Hit-em-hard, couldn't agree more. All good points. :rockin: I think Charles now gets the start for the rest of the year. I missed the series he was put in for against Calgary so don't know what he did but I'm guessing it wasn't any worse then Cates.

I can hardly wait to go back to work and listen to my co-workers say it's only one lose. I'll ask them what they think we should do to improve and make a run for the cup... and they'll say "that's the coaches job", followed by an inside groan on my part.

Taman has to go :twisted: , I put my vote in for Higgins or Miller. Daly has to go :x , my vote Richie Hall?. Miller is suppose to retire? or so I've heard. Please not Berry as a replacement. Maybe Higgins is a better fit as Head Coach. Berry I think as well isn't an O-coach, maybe move him to special teams. Etcheverry, wierd D he runs doesn't do much against the runb but maybe he can turn that ship around. Geez, this ain't looking to good now for next year for coaches :cry: . I'm starting to confuse myself. :oops:

Hopson :cowboy: knows fan now expect a competitive team year after year. He has some tough choices to make. :roll:

it all starts with the O and D lines.
it doesn't mater who the running back is if you run the ball up the middle all the time you have to open holes for them which is something that our O-line is incapable of doing on a consistent basis, they also cant pass block as DD is constantly beimg pressured to get rid of the ball, fortanually for us DD is doing a good job of finding his recievers , I wonder what the offence would be like if we could have a decent O-line that could open holes and protect our QB better as DD is taking way to many hits and it is only a mater of time before he takes a good hit ? or maybe it has already happened.
on the defensive side we dont have much pressure from our D-line, its getting better but still not where we should be at this time after 15 games.
special teams---- well we lost Congie today because we cant block for a field goal and this I put the blame squarely on Daley. and the return game well what can I say that hasn't been said already.

protect your QB at all costs and put the fear of god in theirs :twisted: and this is what we are NOT doing :oops:

How the heck did we end up with a line up of lousy coaches? It seems like it all started with the absence of Tillman. Now Edmonton will surely reap the benefits sooner or later.

God help our team

Problem: Daley, Berry and Etcheverry. Reason: Taman. Question Mark: Tom Freeman
Solution:New GM and coaches
Outlook: Solution won't occur!!!!

I'm beginning to think that if we played Calgary and if Calgary didn't attempt one passing play, if all they did was run the ball every single play from start to finish, I'm thinking they still would have beat us.

The Oline is one thing, they do provide some protection sometimes, but that run defence has to be letting an avg 7 yards per run play.

Also, two blocked field goals in two weeks! We shouldn't be letting up one per year!

I don’t think we can fix anything now - we should have been fixing these problems a long time ago but have done nothing and are still attempting the same things expecting different results. We still can’t run the football and can’t stop the run.
Our ineptitude on special teams has finally cost us our premier field goal kicker ( maybe for the season.) We have our home playoff game but if we are capable of going beyond that I have my doubts.

Taman isn't even HALF the GM that Tillman is.

You Watch.. next year there'll be some changes made to the O-Line.

Don't be surprised if Makowsky retires. O-Day is getting up there too.

But will they make the moves to secure good young O-Lineman? I bet you they won't.

How many Free-Agents next year won't be coming back? who's gonna go play for Tillman?

There are certain moves they need to make.

    • New Running back in a new Scheme. take a good look at Montreal's Scheme and try to copy it.
    • Daly MUST GO! no more Jim Daly.
    • WE need to find a way to replace some aging players like Omarr Morgan, Makowsky, O'Day, Clermont..

not necessarily Cut them before next season but find some good younger players as replacements that can take their place very soon.

Taman will ruin this club and we'll be having to deal with all the laughing and taunting again from the rest of the CFL Fans saying "I guess it's another 23 years till your Next Grey Cup! haw haw haw..

Why? Cobourne's a good back I grant you that, but the Als hardly use him as a running back save for the odd game here and there (last game against Winnipeg, one game earlier in the season against Toronto). If you copy Montreal's scheme, you'll have a pass-happy offence that more often than not ignores the running game. Calgary's offensive scheme is much more balanced than is Montreal's.

that's cause they changed it. last year they ran a lot more.

they're still capable, they've just decided not to do so as much.

Exactly. If anything, we have copied the Als - throw alot and do the token run every once in awhile. Only thing is that Mtl's o-line seems to be doing a better job of protecting their QB than ours is at protecting our QB. T%hat and Durant is still learning about quick reads and quick releases that Calvillo has honed into an art over 10+ years.

I firmly believe that the issues are in the coordinators and coaches brought in this year. We knew going in the D was not going to be as good...I mean, come on, we lost 5 superb starters. But the O was expected to be stellar. The team’s O is largely unchanged, it is the coaches that are new. I believe Berry has to go…I don't like him as a co-coordinator, and the thought of him being the future Rider coach scares me. He is far too stubborn and unwilling to adapt to the team, instead trying to force the team to adapt to him. Play to the strengths…use some play action, roll DD and run him 1.5-2 times per quarter, let the QB call some audibles or develop some hot routes to put in on blitz. I would bring in Dickenson next year under the promise he will be the next head coach when Miller retires. Huff will be coaching for a long time yet if he chooses, and Dave might jump at that knowing Miller only intends to go another year or 2. Taman is unlikely to get rid of Berry, and if this team gets destroyed by these 2, I just don’t know if I can stick around. I am a season ticket holder, but I will not pay to watch an amazing team ripped apart. My hope is that Miller stays on as GM for a couple years after stepping down as coach, because he is an awesome GM. The fact that all the players are all so vocal about their respect for Miller will attract other players.
The O line is fine...they don’t know if they are blocking for a rolling QB or a pocket passer. Berry wants DD to be a pocket passer...He is not. Cates is blockin on almost every down, so yeah, he does not have much in the tank to get a big run...notice that when he was not playing is when DD was taking heat? He is a good blocker, better than the other backs.
The D line is too small. When Williams gets back, put him or Simpson on the line as a DT. I think Simpson has the acceleration and aggression to excel. That being said, when you spend 22 minutes on the field between the 2nd and 3rd...you are tired. They had no pressure on Burris after the 1st and I question if they even got into the backfield. Burris had 7 seconds to pass...you are going to get destroyed every time. Either blitz, rotate fresh men onto the line a bit, or drop to a 3-4 and rush an extra ILB.
Berry called some great plays in the 1st, the motion was superb. That was some awesome playpackage. It worked, and then they stopped and went back to the 6 play playbook. He is inept. Incapable of recognizing it is time to mix things up, or simple does not have the skill. He needs to go. Honestly, they would be better off having Miller call from the sideline for the rest of the year, and putting more responsibility on an assistant while Miller is reading into playbooks, then get a new coordinator next year. If Taman can not recognise the glaring issue and hand or do anything about it, we are in serious trouble. Again, DD needs to run 1.5 – 2 times per quarter to back the pressure off. Berry wants a pocket passer. DD will be gone if Berry gets the power.
As far as special teams, we are a small team, and will simply not get the big blocks, but Mullen is great. The punting and FG units are scary. 70% of punts have a guy within a step of blocking, and what do we have...3 FG blocks against? Brutal. I don’t know if this is the Line coach or Daley.
Tackling has been suspect this year at times. Francis simply can not tackle. I don’t have any idea how many he missed on Sunday, but it had to be double digits. The DTs are being run over, but that would be fine if we could get some backfield pressure. I believe fatigue is the biggest part of the D collapse on the line. Once again, they gotta rotate or something.
Miller takes all the heat for the team. It is his team and he knows it. He will not berate a player or a coach. He will not oust them for an error. He accepts responsibility, and does things behind closed doors...no drama. Berry and Daley have been seen on previous teams that they are perfectly willing to berate on the sidelines. They gotta go...at minimum Berry.

I am in agreement with this statement. Berry is afraid DD will get hurt if he is running but this is what he needs to do to be successful. The offense will be a lot better off if DD is moving and throwing for less yards. Although it is fun to watch, he doesn't need to throw for 400 yards to win games.

Baker announced today that he is taking over all play calling for his team. I think the same needs to happen to Berry. In fact DD knows the Lapo offense and probably could do a better job.

I dont know if DD is ready to be calling the shots, but I have said for a while Miller should be doing double duty with the help of an assistant/.