What do we do now

what with sports and some entertainments shutting down, what will we talk about.

it would be nice if we could have a temp Politics and Religion forum. Trial basis??

The Mexican football league is still going. Only one game this weekend, though.

Plus, we could talk about other forms of entertainment: TV, movies, opera, poetry, etc. :grinning:

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Darts and Poker on TV should fill the airtime. Practice training from the last 2 NHL lockouts.

Other than that, I can see the Netflix and Disney+ of the world get spike in subscriptions :slight_smile:

I'd be game for that

Yup , and on that note here are the highlights from last night in the world of sports . Better get used to it the way things are looking .


Can't wait to see the Pro Dog Billiards League . Now that's entertainment !!! :dog:

There is always fine programing out there


Rugby league is still going on in Australia and England. Unfortunately you have to subscribe to soprtsnet world to watch it.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes Rogers to be desperate for LIVE action to retain eyes throughput an entire game

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Get a crokinole board and play with your significant other or friend. Great Canadian game to pass the time and have fun, love it. :grinning:


haven't played that in about 50 yrs.

it was fun, but I preferred Rummoli and Stock Ticker Canadian games.

The Great Toilet Paper Hunt would be a great show .

I would watch for sure .

Saturday at 4:00 pm EST (I think), you can watch the LFA game live on Facebook.

The Artilleros and Pioneros are not two of the better teams in the league, but there will be some Canadians and CFL global players in the game.

There's also a UFC event on, starting at 3 pm.

 LOL .....

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As an introvert like perhaps others here, there will be NO challenge in self-quarantine sick or not. We've had that one down our whole lives. If you are having challenges, ask one for help!

Here is my project list for April given that I will have it appears either less work or no work yet all paid. The latter will be a new job too if I have to track down benefits that do not come directly from my employer for cancelled work.

Run Business and Sell More (sales down for everybody already now except grocery and Rx but it's time to be ready anyway - hello recession)
Spring Cleaning (as planned anyway)
More Exercise (as planned anyway)
Go Visit My Parents
Start Waycho Pile (i.e. if benefits or money is slowing coming in, well any given rude or uncooperative creditor gets to "waycho your derriere 'til pay you.") Hopefully it does not come to that, but been there done that three times already in recessions.
Help More People Without Getting Close
Binge TV Marathon
Cancel Cable TV
Less Blogs
Less Social Media
Drop People Who Still Are Talking About BS or Any Given Fad or Trend Every Week Instead of What Matters To More People More (c'mon already, get a life for yourself and it should not take a crisis to do it)