What do we do (if anything)?

My next question is with 2 awesome QB's sitting idle in BC and Edmonton do we have a chance at tradeing for them or is it just a knee jerk reaction to be looking for a trade at this point?

I think it's wishful thinking to be looking at a trade for a quarterback. BC and Edmonton aren't stupid - they're not going to trade Printers or Maas unless something super-sweet comes their way. I can't see that happening anytime soon, but I've been proven wrong in the past.

Trading for a new quarterback, even if it was possible, is not going to solve the problem of this team. What you need is new coaching, an offensive coordinator who can think up something different than a 5 yard hitch pass, a defensive coordinator who can design a defense to stop a second and 25, and a head coach who can motivate guys to play to their potential. Yeah, Nealon Greene isn't very good but even Casey Printers (or Henry Burris for that matter) wouldn't be able to lead this team to the promised land. Perhaps Henry Burris knew something that nobody else did - that this wasn't a very good team.

Hey Bogey - wanna be a coach? :smiley:

I think Matt Dunnigan is available.

Oh come on. You don't wish THAT on us, do you????

How about John Huard? I'd try to get the popsicle franchise.

a good coach has their team ready to play ?
the riders can talk the talk but cant walk the walk !
we have gone from contender to pretender ?
i hope that i am wrong but i dont think so !

Successful teams start at QB,, Maybe we need a mentor like Austin to tutor Greene... Danny's Kid Glove approach just isnt working, Austin would be Kicking Greene's ass up and down the field and maybe thats exactly what he needs.

As for the defense, I agree Bogart, I dont have enough fingers and toes to count the Times the defense failed to stop second and long (15 yards plus), we have virtually no pass rush as dictated by our last place ranking in sacks.
Davis Is a hugh part of the defensive scheme, even the DB's commented on how much easier it was on them with him playing.
Still 1 player cannot do it all, Riders are knee deep in Linebackers and should go to a 3-4 defense.
E davis gets burnt alot and Mitchell is injury prone... time to start filling those postions with fresh legs.

Coach Dentor :slight_smile:

I beleive Nealon plays better when the Riders have early success. If they fall behind early, he gets nervous, rigid, and begins to panic. Hense, fumbling the ball in his drop back. He needs to have more confidence in his teammates, and see the whole field. He tries to do too much on his own and messes up.

Agreed, Kman - the Riders don't even have to score to lull Nealon into a sense of security, though - a big defensive play can do wonders for him, too. I've seen him sit back and relax when the D's picked off a ball early, or had a huge sack on the opponents. They just have to show they can OUTscore their opponents for him to feel as though he can be successful. My bet would be that if our defense comes up strong in the first quarter, we could come out on top more easily - even if our offense hasn't done too much to that point.

The defence has had some nice interceptions or sacks that can be momentum builders and Nealon still kinda comes out flat.

Hard to get settled into a game rythem when your guys are consistantly dropping balls and dropping like flies hit with raid for that matter.

Given we still had Dom, Bailey and French I think it would help.
and the OC has to include the long balls in the game plan even if our guys can't catch the damn thing, at least we might get luck and get a pass interference, not that the other team has to do that cause we cant catch!

I've see 5 year olds catch better then the Riders this year its just unreal.
Something has to give, the Hall release hasn't helped the D the Injuries and play calling hasn't helped the O. Maybe noone should goto the next home game and they will feel more comfortable like they were playing peewee or a flag game without any fans and actually step it up a bit.

at least Paul is back on his game.
DAMN DAMN DAMN I just need to rant.

I need a drink.