what do we change our name to?

Given all the firings and hires as of late.
what names could we come up with to call the cats.

from Montreal we have>>>>>
Equipment boy.

from Winnipeg we have>>>>>>>


did I miss any

Alou cat ombers

just having some fun here

Well at least we get players and coaches that can hopefully still work well…I’d hate 2 be Edmonton, The Ticat Retirement Team, who takes all our players who dont make the cut (Mac, Davis, Ranek, Montford, etc etc).

east coast BALLERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

we stay fly, no lie, you know this cuz we ballin' baby.

Call 'em the Toronto Maple Leafs---that's one way to ensure the stands will be full win, lose or draw.

Unfortunately, they'd have to wear blue.

An Argo fan