What DO u Think of CFL Teams Getting 3rd jerseys?

Didn't B.C. have a different designed helmet for their home opener in 2004 to commemorate their 50th Anniversary season? The then normal silver helmet but with a black paw print?

You got it Mongo. Reebok also designed them a third jersey for this season, and if I remember correctly the jerseys and socks are black with white helmets and pants, with orange paw-prints on the shoulders. If you google search "new cfl uniforms" you should be able to find a pic of it. Also, I beleive Edmonton has two alternate uniforms, one all gold, the other all green.

If the Eskies' all-gold uni is the same shade of gold as their helmets, they better be handing out some sort of sunglasses to prevent fans at Commonwealth from going blind by the near-flourescent colour scheme.

Needless to say, I think I'm going to hate Edmontons thrid jerseys, but the green ones sound cool.

3rd Jerseys are cool eventhough the CFL only has a handful of teams. This league has great history and that's something they should try to harnest way more in the marketing of the league.

Throwback games would be ultra cool. Maybe like a pinnacle year such as the 150th or something... (FYI - 150th is just an example cause I don't really want to check how old the league is...) How cool would it be to see the 1960 unis and numbered helmets and stuff!!!

As for 3rd jerseys - they should devise a plan to use them 2-3 a year. But no more. Something like Canada day, Labour day and game 1 of the playoffs.

As for the Renegades 3rd jersey, it was a HUGE hit on Canada day. The maple leaf on the should is a very classy touch.

Regarding the R for Rough Riders and Horn Chen - My take is that possibly one day the Gliebermans will purchase the rights., IMO I would hope that they only use it for in a throwback situation. The Gades are a turned leaf and the Riders should be kept in bed.

I'm looking forward to seeing what other teams come up with in their 3rds...

In seven years, it’ll be the 100th Grey Cup game. Nice opportunity there…