What DO u Think of CFL Teams Getting 3rd jerseys?

CFl needs more teams and jerseys

Make them vitagives of classic old jerseys, like Ottawa's new thrid is like the old 90's unifroms.

The Jerseys Montreal had last friday were AWESOME... And, guess what... They were home made! In your face Reebok!

I love that secord logo the Aloucordes have now, IT’S AWESOME!!!

Not enough games in a CFL season for a third jersey, IMO.

NHL = 82 games and not even all the teams have 3rd jerseys, I don't think.

I believe that in the 80ies the Pittsburg Pirates had something like 30 different uniforms or at least different combos of shirts, pants and hats.

3 for the CFL is no biggie

and every combo was hideous as well. Did you see them?

Talking about baseball - why in the world did they make every teams jersey the same back in the 90's? It's all white or grey. I do NOT like it at all. I'd prefer the Pirates 80's jersey compared to the situaton now.

who cares!

Ya there were pretty ugly.
If i was in charge of Baseball I would have all the uniforms the same. Now one player has the pants all the way to the shoes. Another has them to the knees with solid socks and another thin stripe baseball socks.
Uniform means all the same.

I think they're great. If a team can put more money in the bank, why not. The Stamps had those Black jersey's that they only wore on Labour Day. They were all over the stadium dispite the fact they only wore them once (until the playoffs). I love collecting jerseys. If you don't like third jerseys, don't buy them. If you can't watch you team as they wear ugly jerseys, then maybe sports isn't your thing.

ps. the Als new jersey was pretty nice.

Don’t think this is the issue. The NFL has used 3rd and throwback jerseys for years now. What’s most important is that they can SELL the 3rd jerseys. I think the CFL is now in a position to do this with some success.

Also, I’m pretty sure Montreal, Saskatchewan, BC and Calgary have had 3rd jerseys over the last 2 or 3 season. MTL, SAS and CAL were black and BC’s was orange, as I recall.

I really like Ottawa’s new 3rd. I would love it if they purchased the old Rough Rider logos back and used the R on a vintage 3rd (or 4th) jersey, or alternate helmet. And I’m sure that vintage unis for the rest of the league’s teams would be VERY well received. The CFL should really play up its history and heritage more than it does.

i agree with this but do all cfl teams have 3rd jerseys? do the lions?
i dont think they have 3rd but i like the home and away jerseys. 80’s look. i really like the white helmets.

only time for 3rd jerseys in CFL....labour day, and throwbacks only

Third are you sure about that? I vaguely remember seeing a reebok symbol on the new blue uniforms the Als donned last Friday.

maybe he meant the design

Of course I meant it was the design that was homemade. Could you picture Uzuma Okeke and Brian Chiu sewing the new jerseys by hand in the locker room? :o

I think the current third is already based on the old early 90’s RR’s jersey which is fantasic cuz I love those unifroms!

What care abou Baseball?!? MLB sucks!!!

…or you can just not see that game.

I remember reading the Eskimos have third jerseys. I would like to see those.

it’s gold