What do u expect? Or want?

Just a simple question. What do some of you expect from the bombers. i mean, when it comes to releasing players or u know trading guys, what do u guys want? do u want an explanation? they say it was salary cap reasons.. but apparently thats not a good enough reason. Honestly i feel astho we are lucky to get an explanation because honestly they dont have to explain if they dont want too.

look at edmonton, they traded a top receiver, they dumped 5 players, look at bc.. smart and glover? glover i thought was pretty good, teams are releasing guys left and right with no explanation so i mean what do people want from the bombers?

its still a community owned club my friend, we as the fans, pay for that organiztion top to bottom...

community owned doesnt mean u have a say in whats going on tho "friend".

Where did I say that? The bombers should definately have some sort of explanation as to why they released one of the best DB's in the league... The Fans, who pay for the orgainzation, deserve an explantion when something like that happens.

oh i agree but they said it was for salary cap reasons on cjob on the 425 sports so theres your explanation.

Just a question tho.. hypothetical.. lets say Asper buys the team (maybe he will, maybe he wont, who knows anymore)

does that change anything? are explanations no longer needed cuz well we wouldnt be community owned anymore?

People are panicking already just cause we released Lenny, come on fans, he had 3 good games last season and is easily replaceable, we already have player's on the roster that are younger and could step into his position, plus there is still 3 months until TC, i am sure Mack is not done dealing yet and with FA camps coming up we will find a replacement for Lenny that is younger and as good if not better. Relax guys!! It's obvious it was either or both a salary dump and/or he just didn't fit into the new defensive Scheme, we will be just fine!!

....i will answer you with this....I think the edm. eskimos better have a bloody good answer in place if they just suddenly released a guy like Ricky Ray......I'm not saying that Lenny Walls is in the category of a Ray....but he is a premium player....You are right in that the team does NOT have to give a reason for any of its roster moves...but it sure would be nice to get more than ....' well lenny was a great guy ...goodbye'...It leaves you scratching your head and disappointed...I'm not going to go into the possibilities of why he was released....we've already done that...Guess we'll just wait for the next moves and hopefully they'll be more positive.... :roll:

It will sting if another East division team picks Walls up for nothing. You have to think that a guy who had 7 picks last year will get some job offers.