What do these remarks by Barker mean?

"Barker revealed that Canadian-born quarterbacks won't count as roster spots when camps open across the league, but whether that leads to a local flavour in Argoland probably is asking for too much."

Has there been some kind of league wide change to CFL roster rules relating to Canadian QB's? And if so, this is big news and I'm surprised there has been no other annoucements or discussion in the media.

This was taken from an article on Slam Sports dated Feb. 24/10 by the way.

No. Teams have a limit on the number of players they can bring to camp. I forget what it is....68, 75...whatever. But, not counted in that number are certain types of players, such as draft picks or free agent invitees who have CIS or junior eligibility remaining. Those exempt players are also exempt from cut-down numbers.

Apparently now Canadian QB's also won't be counted in that number. This is a positive in that you can invite a Canadian QB to training camp, and he won't take up one of your camp roster spots (so teams may be more willing to do it), and you can keep him the whole camp, because he's not counted as a roster player for cut-down purposes.

While new in terms of training camp roster configurations, it has no bearing on the 46 man regular season roster or practice roster rules, as far as I am aware. Any QB, regardless of nationality, would occupy a spot wherever he is designated.

Ok, thanks Artie. I get it now. This is an interesting development. I think it is at least tacit recognition by the CFL of the publics interest in seeing Canadian QB's in the game.

Do you have a link to the article? thank,s_ _______ apparently there have been changes in the ratio rules that you don't know about Art. The Quote refers to Canadian born Q.B,s _ sorry to tell ya :stuck_out_tongue:

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Er, yeah, I know. I'm the guy that explained what these changes meant to posts earlier.....

Here is the link: http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 1-qmi.html

I first read about this from RidleyScouting (http://twitter.com/RidleyScouting). I'm glad Arty has already explained it because I found zero mention of it anywhere else.

This has to be a positive change. Now a young QB can be invited to camp just for a look. It will give the player a taste of the pros and give them an idea where they have to get to, and the team can look for positives in a player they might want to invest in. :thup: for a solid change.

Are these changes in the C.B.A? do you have a link to any reports or CFL press releases? or are you presuming the changes to the Canadian QB ratio rules are as you say?

Interesting stuff, I suggest the league make this sort of information more up front and visible on the web site or have an area called "Alert Information" or something along these lines. This is significant news.

What's interesting to me in Toronto is Rita and Barker approached teams to acquire a QB and when they were told what the price would be, they changed their mind and are pulling a "Kelly" where they will groom their own QB. We all know this makes no sense and no one is going to buy that two old dogs like Rita and Barker will go that route, so now instead of making a deal and paying the price, they have their little toes crossed and hope someone gets released or that by leaving the roster spots open a backup will put enough pressure on a rival that they will force a trade. Big Dave is making a mistake leaving Rita in there.

The CBA expires 2 days prior to the opening of training camps. Any changes to the CBA will have to be done while the players and owners negotiate a new CBA.