What do the PLAYERS think?

Havn't seen or heard or read any of the current players thoughts on CP joining the ranks. Wonder how much the $500G's affects them mentally. I am still out on this transaction. Hopefully good :thup:

Ask Jason Armstead and Brock Ralph. LMAO :wink:

As for Jesse, he had the correct response. It's about the team changing this around, not one guy. Having said that, I think he will appreciate not having the defence jamming him in the box now that we have a mobile gunslinger who can stretch the D with his arm and his feet.

Oski Wee Wee,

I heard Jason Armstead on TSN saying something to the effect that you have to hand it to the "guys upstairs" for getting this deal done. I'm assuming he likes the deal.

If any of the players have performance bonuses built into their contracts, I don’t think you’ll be hearing much flack… :wink:

I can hear them now…

Throw to me!..Throw to me! :cowboy:

Of course he does. Now when he gets open, the QB may actually get him the ball.

these guys better be happy, because the last guy they had a QB was making superstar money, but played like a minimum salaried player and was injury prone.

I know there all secretly jumping for joy right now. Armstead gave up his number for Printers, saying that it was a gift for him signing with the team.
It will be nice to see speedsters such as Ralph and Armstead getting legitimate shots at catching the long ball.

might be nice to see brock actually catch a ball thrown to him instead of dropping them half the time also he dropped balls from chang to so dont blame maas

Sure, sometimes I will blame Maas, his throws were like wounded ducks. Either horribly underthrown. Or the receiver having to wait until the floater came down!!

on labour day chang was throwing up peking ducks lol

Throwing up peking duck and looking like chicken.

Oh, I get it - he's Chinese. That's pretty clever.

actually hes not all chinese

Chang's blood is a cocktail of Hawaiian, Chinese, Puerto Rican, English, Irish and Spanish

what dose his background have to do with it Timmy is a great qb and will be our starter 2010(thats if he will stick around)

The players are thinking "will our Grey Cup Rings be made of yellow, or white gold?" ...


grey cup? friends we got along way to go there,
not only identifying the problems this team has but accepting the proper blame and doing something about it.
i would love to simply say printers is our sole saviour because i to love this player, but it's premature to be talking cup now with only one change, but then again this is hamilton and it's always about the qb make or break.
my optiimism is guarded because of this smokescreen, let's go an extra step and get a decent o/c and qb coach to work with casey.

First of all, I am NOT of the OPINION that this team is as BAD as EVERYONE thinks they are ... what they are is YOUNG, and INEXPERIENCED at alot of positions ... but the TALENT is there ... whether or not people around here can see it.

So, while it sounds like I am ATTRIBUTING the future Championships to Printers, ALONE - I am most assuredly NOT!!

I'm thinking there are going to be ALOT of VERY SURPRISED people around this place when they SEE for themselves what a difference a QUALITY QB can make in this League ...


feel free to check any of my posts before gm 6 i was saying what you were about our young talent.
but from the start i'm worried how this team regressed i too believe in the youth on this team but i don't like what;s going on around it.
eg special teams and a porous offence that underused the running game and corey holmes.
i don't what is to be cheated thinking management is done everything it needs to do to start building a winner here.

i do like a lot of our potentials like lumsden chang printers bouman dyakowski cody and loescher just to name a few.
the problem is we have stopped progressing and a lot of it in my opinion has been because of the coaches philosphies and not so much who is at qb.
i want to see printers used to his full potential not just with the hopes of him scrambling and making amazing plays.
example kery joseph in ottawa and now with a decent coaching staff in sask.1st place

Maybe so - but it's not so easy to make a cheap-shot ethnic joke that incorporates all of that.