What Do The Nay Sayers Say Now?

You said you were boycotting. I understand but I never said I was and he'sgiving me the same grief. Obviously he has reading comprehension issues

Re: Who else is NOT watching/attending?

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I don't think it's a reading comprehension issue. I think when one starts a thread about not watching or attending and wonders who is on side, it's clear. Thanks. :wink:

by the way 2 points out of third means one win out of third witch is HIGHLY unlikely for the tiger cats. Wow you guys sure are happy about one win...one win and you won the grey cup for god sakes. get over yourselves

Yeah, I said I was boycotting a game, not that I would stop posting or that I wouldn't pay attention to results and stats.

And me. Good luck finding one saying I was going to boycott. You won't find it, in fact you'll find several that state that I bought the tix already and am going. Yessir your reading comprehension in serious question BEFORE you refer to my statement while responding to someone else. Nice, very nice

Boy, you're quite obtuse. I would have to agree, I think there is a reading comprehension issue involved here. If you're not fully capable of understanding other people's arguments, then I'd suggest that you do the proper thing and just not reply. It causes needless hostility and poisons the atmosphere on the board.

Incidently, I still would not buy tickets or season tickets--not based on the results on one (lucky) game. This is the same team that lost the first five games this season, and in many respects the problems are still there.

Does anyone really have any sense of perspective or reality? This is just one game. It's not like the previous FIVE loses are somehow negated by this win.
Thats true, but the fact is this is a far different team that got destroyed by Calgary. We have improved so much over the last six weeks, in so many areas. Some things like penalties remain a problem, but we have an entertaining team that can and will beat anybody in the league. Labour Day is going to be great, I can't wait.

lucky game?
the red zone problem was finally fixed tonight.
we would have won last week and prob the bc game if we were able to score 7's instead of 3's.

And an avearge 76% completion rate

Mostly short AGAIN. Average

First of all, I quoted VERBATIM what was written in that thread’s introduction, so if that is obtuse, so be it.

Not an understanding issue, m’kay?

I could quote the ‘yeah, I said I was boycotting a game’ bit if that’s even necessary. LOL

About poisoning the atmosphere, I’ll defer to the boycott/cut everyone/I want a refund since 2003/picket the stadium/etc. etc. continuum. Where people fit on that, I really don’t give a flying insertion point. That goes for ANYONE on this board.

Sorry Oski

You haven't addressed the issue at all. Gard wasn't the one that says you have issues, that was me for completely different reasons than you cited to the wrong guy. Although you are correct about him it really doesn't matter as that point was already conceded

You have to be kidding me...the average catch was for 14 yards....Maas eluded pressure very well....his own legs opened up things as well as Jesse's running...Jason had at least 3 or 4 great plays called back due to a penalty and a couple of those penalties had nothing to do with the play....he only missed 5 throws and a couple of them were catchable balls...That was a solid game by Maas...your qb isn't going to rack up 350 yards when your back is running for 200....but your back isn't going to run for 200 if you can't make a lot of quality throws....Winnipeg brought a lot of pressure...but Maas got the ball of quick....

[quote=“rocky123”] “What do the naysayers have to say about this game?”

[quote] Could the answer be… Nay?

Please don't feed the Trolls

;) Message received, HTD.

A Poisoned atmosphere doesn't come from people expressing displeasure with the team's performance, but the manner in which certain "real fans" trounce all over people whose opinions they don't agree with and the JUVENILE gloating, sarcasm, personal attacks etc. that a (lucky) win has inspired.