What do the Als do?

What will the Als do to compensate for the loss last week? What kind of adjustments will they make?
Will they try to identify the passing routes the Cats had last week and cover those better as well as try to get more pressure on Porter? How will they improve on the stellar performance of Calvillo last week knowing that the Cats will make every ettempt to improve the defensive play?
How will they make allowance for the return of the running game with Lumsden & Keith?
Could be a very interesting game today!

They've said nothing changes. Correct mistakes in coverage and hang on to the ball. They identified the same mistakes they made in September against Calgary. Should be a competitive game.

They have five changes to their lineup.

In: Watkins in for SJ Green,
Kalil Carter in for Jesse Hendrix,
Kiwauke Thomas for Gemara Williams
Spencer in for Donovan Alexander

The Alouette offence scored 38 points against the Ticat defence last week but they want to eliminate turnovers this week. The Montreal defence intends to increase its contact with the Ticat receivers to disrupt their timing on pass routes.

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