What Do Injury Reports and Fairy Stories have in common?

I agree. If there are not going to be at least some basic standards for these reports for whomever otherwise is not ruled out definitively either one game or six games, why even have reports? This is nonsense let alone I noticed that the reports were out late on team sites this week too. :-1:


It gives us one more juicy piece of info that we can all gripe about. :smiley: :+1:


Exactly....If your injury report is meant to disguise who is playing and who is hurt then why do we get injury reports in the first place?


You've heard of Fantasy Football ?
They should do the same with injury reports as your right they are often pure fantasy. Maybe they're a pre excuse for a loss coach thinks or knows is coming.


Teams would never put out injury reports if the weren’t forced to by the league. Like any sport, teams want to protect the nature of any injury and wherever possible even the identity of those who are injured. The best interests of the teams are different than the best interests of the sports books and the curiosity of the fans. I can’t see this ever changing.

And here I disagree for when it comes to legal and regulated gambling it will have to change especially as the spotlight shines on glaring disinformation and lies.

New England for sure, Belicheck would do things like list half the team on an injury report, some players who played in all 16 games would be every week listed as "questionable" for the entire season.

It could be worse, in the NCAA you don't have to release any injury information, nor do teams even have to give out a depth-chart beforehand, for the most part you know who is playing for the other team when the guys come out of the tunnel and are or are not dressed and if they do or don't play.

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