What Do Injury Reports and Fairy Stories have in common?

Injury reports in the CFL seem to be as much about concealing who is playing as much as who is injured.
Take last week. Out of five players Calgary listed as doubtful - all but one played.
Winnipeg last season - Jefferson, Jeffcoat and Harris were on every injury report and Jefferson and Jeffcoat played every game.

So why is this the norm? Are injury reports now more about concealing who is playing or reporting injuries?


Remember, you can’t win if there isn’t a little cheating going on…

In WPG's case, there is no arguing that those 3 were dealing with injuries, how severe is the question. So if they report that they missed practice, and then played that week....how is that cheating?


Hey... we have to come clean here. We're just TOO good. I'm willing to admit it. The jig is up.

They should probably go with a "probable", "questionable", "doubtful", "out" like they used to in the NFL. Unless we already do? I mean, someone can be held out of practice as a precaution but be probable. In which case they're not concealing anything.

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I may be wrong but I don't believe they use the word doubtful, I believe they use DNP (did not practice) with a mention of the nature of injury IE ankle. Which if they didn't practice with a sore ankle, then it's not misinformation.

It's lying. Plain and simple. BLM showed up with a foot injury all week, has one practice and shows up on game day displaying the best mechanics in two years - all with one team practice???

As for Winnipeg - you put them on the injured list all year and you get to give practice roster guys first team reps in practice? Yet between two of those injured guys they miss one game all year? It's a hustle. It's taking advantage of the rules.

Which to me says why do we bother doing injury reports in the first place? The intention was to know who you were playing against but if everyone on the injury list is suddenly healthy on game day then why bother except with your depth chart and game day injury report?

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I think you're worrying about it too much.
If a vet is banged up, any team will rest them during the week. That player will likely play if they can, and in doing so may prolong the healing, leading to taking more time off the following week. This ultimately is on the player too.

Or are you saying teams are playing head games, and making important players sit during the week just to surprise the other team and fans a couple days later? That seems pretty silly to me.


And here it is, our injury report. It's kinda tiny (hope no one is disappointed):

IR June 30 2022

If Neufeld doesn't play, we are in full blown injury concerns.

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We'll go three Americans on the offensive line then and start another Canadian elsewhere I guess. Either that or we'll see 6' 5" 314 lb Tomoya Machino get his first start.

Yup .... It's all head games and misleading information for the most part.

It used to be an indication of whether a guy was playing but now its like "lets hide the fact he's playing so you have to prep for our first and second team QB"

Ford is listed as starter for the Elks tomorrow but does that mean he will actually start? Wait for game time to find out......

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Guessing Lofton is the 6th man?

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There are no headgames for reg season games, man. Again, I don't think its a big deal at all.
Maybe I'd buy it for the playoffs.

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I think you're right.

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I don’t know what the original intention was in the CFL, but part of the reason for injury lists in the NFL was gambling related. So bettors could know the injury status of any given team. I don’t think it worked out as planned.

A few years back Dallas, and if memory serves I believe some other NFL teams, were disciplined for not listing all their injuries. This led to the comical sight of Dallas listing every single player with a bump or bruise which ended up being about 3/4 of their roster. They were then disciplined for that too.


That's what seems to be happening in the CFL too at times. Put an impact player on the injured list and suddenly he makes a miraculous recovery on game day.

Having impact players constantly on the injured list probably affects attendance too. I mean if Carey and BLM were out for for last week as the injury report suggested would you go to watch the second team guys, or make other plans?

Wait, were Carey & BLM listed as DNP or will not play all week, and then they started?
Teams have to submit the 46? man roster 24 hrs before the game. If the player is on that roster, chances are they'll play.
I pay no attention to who's sitting early in the week.

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I hate the culture of injury non-disclosure. It's so stupid. All these coaches walk around acting like they're CIA agents. Dudes, you coach a bunch of men playing a sport for money. You are not. That. Important. Just tell us whether the RB is out with a hamstring injury or a concussion.


I'll go along with that. :smiley: :+1:

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