What do football players really want from kneeling-on-one-knee during pre-game?

It's a better warmup than just standing there during a pre-game sing along I'd say.

Half Kneeling and Split-Stance Positions For Strength, Power and Rehabilitation


sully, it's nothing to do with politics I say! :wink:

I should chime in and make him lock it...

dawg, what's your stance on using the kneel down for pre-game warmups during the national anthem rather than having guys just stand there where the muscles can tighten up? Why not use that time to keep on warming up I say...

You could be on to something Earl. Particularly at games where there are two anthems being sung like at yesterday's football game in London. Especially when you've got one of those singers who sings an anthem at the speed of a dirge. All that time in an upright still position for several minutes can't be good.

Perhaps that is why the players really changed positions between the two anthems in London yesterday? lol

I didn't see that Pat but no question sometimes the anthem thing seems to go on forever.

This is funny enough to get a pass. :)Until people start getting crotchety in here which'll probably take all of eight more minutes.

Too funny sully. :slight_smile:

But I do think that a general discussion on the whole national anthem thing from both a political ie. is it really necessary to have national anthems sung or played in the first place at sporting events, and non-political ie. too much time standing around with muscles tightening, could be interesting.

Maybe it's time for sports leagues to really think about the NA and it's role or it's necessity. :-\

Tending to agree:

We should put an end to national anthem tradition at sporting events

Looks like the lone Steeler player who decided to stretch his legs and stood has the highest jersey sales.

Good for him.

I remember a couple years ago Chris Jones kept the Esks team in the locker room for the Canadian national anthem. Let's fire him and send him back to 'Murica.

Kneel or don't kneel. It's none of my business. If the Networks/the President didn't make a big deal out of it, I would never know.

Well Kaepernick made a big deal to start this whole thing really and the POTUS and networks had to follow suit from Mr. Colin. Why don't NFL players just play for pete sakes, they aren't politicians, er I guess guys like Kaepernick are wannabee politicians, so it seems. NFL players think they are holier than you know who and on the political arena. NOT! Stick to football NFL players, that's what you are, football players, nothing more and nothing less.

Good on the Penguins for fully accepting the White House invitation. Nice! That must piss off Steph Curry. 8)

Free speech and actions, fine, but but go to a rally and demonstrate, on game day you are there to play football, basketball whatever and leave the politics for later.

I would never sign a guy like CK because he thinks he's a politician rather than what he is, a football player. With his life out of football, go and demonstrate, no problem, but leave football to football.

Oh please this has been all over the ESPN, Fox etc for the past year.

Again, "if the Networks/the President didn't make a big deal out of it, I would never know."

My apologies Kev

Kev, it IS the networks raison d'etre to make a big deal out of this, that's what makes news. Now as for the POTUS, well, whoever is in that office needs to respond as well when Americans are kneeling when the NA is played and then, circular, the networks pick up on that as they should being in the, yup, the news biz.

It started with CK, he is the one who started it.

No worries, my friend. :slight_smile:

But if everyone ignored it, it would go away. 1500 NFL player and one kneels. I don't care and it's none of my business.