What do folks thing about this guy being a rider?

Josh Ranek is a free agent. I have always thought that he was both an excellent player and class guy. He consistantly put up solid numbers for a sub par team and played each game with emotion and professionalism. This guy is 100 % heart and pride all wrapped up in one. I think he would be a great addition to our team. With the additional two imports, we would have a heck of a backfield with both Ranek and Holmes with Szarka coming in for second and short or, better yet, playing each down at Tight End.

Personally I think running backs are a dime a dozen, and we'd be better off going after a quaterback or a running back. We already have 3 good backs.

I agree with greenandwhite.....I'd take Ranek if he wanted to come here, but I'd rather spend the dough on a QB.

I think you guys have a pretty good tandem (Trio) already.... I think jm02 and Green and White are correct....You need to go for a QB first!

i think this would be a very good idea :mrgreen: i realize we need a QB, but i dont think kenton keith is goin to stick around and josh would be a good fill in :wink: oh ya GET a QB!!!!! :shock:

I would rather see Holmes at tailback and I hope Keith gets traded away. With a salary cap salary system in place the Riders have to be wise to spend their budget on their needs.

dont need a back we already have two great backs.we cant get a qb so lets get some rec that can catch

No we dont want him, nor do we need him. If we are gonna do anything at RB, I think we should trade KK away so that we have a less amount of RBs. We could use that to better our team. Why improve a postion when it is already 10X beter then anyone else in the CFL when there are other positions in need of improvement, for example QUARTERBACK...

well, what do ppl think about what i said???

blue and gold have him on target, thought you guys were high on kenton keith? what happened? stinks like regina....