What dirt does allen have on.........

pinball ,for him to actually be thinking of starting damon. And why is he even on the team. He is done and you could end up losing a good QB because he will not retire.

I think the attendance thursday would be a little higher if people knew McMahon was starting. Just the curiousity factor.
But BC is a good veteran team and maybe the coaches feel Damon will be able to read their defense better at the start. That will give the other two a better idea what they were up against after they have watched for a while. Just hope Pinball doesn't leave him in too long like last years playoffs. I say if Damon doesn't move the team in the first quarter the hook should be out.

Has it been officially announced or is it still "sources say"

The Argos gave up two points last night IMO by staying with Damon too long. Maybe they still could have won if Prefontaine hadn't been injured, but Bishop showed he can now make things happen and should have been in after the first quarter.
His rollout style and strong arm makes him very difficult to defend against now.
Damon would be a good change of pace or injury insurance now, but his consistant effective days are behind him IMO. What you did yesterday doesn't cut it in Pro sports. Which I'm sure everybody knows, but reality is hard to face at any time. Its time for Damon to accept a secondary role.

You are right ,time for damon to hit the bench.Notice how slow he looked. That was what kept him alive was his mobility, he is going to get hurt.

Clemons made the right call in starting Allen, for a couple reasons. Not the least of which is to remind the younger QBs that they'll need to produce if they hope to obtain the starting pivot job, and keep it. How many QBs have you seen that saunter onto the scene, feeling they are owed the starter's job and taking it for granted, only to fizzle. No, Bishop will be a great QB, but I like the way Clemons is handling this. It will make Bishop play that much better. And finally, Allen deserved to start last night (but I'm surprised he stayed in as long as he did).

I expect this Argos squad will go far this year.

The Argos would be better off if Pinball moved into the front office, and they hired an experienced coach, who will wear headset and actually call some plays. Also they'd be better off if Damon Allen Retire into the sunset and got some other job away from the field and far away from the sidelines. They need to cut John Avery, cut Jamel White, just start Jeff johnson and the other non-import RBs.

The Argos should also wear their white jerseys at home once in a while.