What difference does an allstar RB make?

I think/hope that we will see how valuable Jessie Lumsden is to the Cats offence.

If Jessie can do what Jessie has done every game while healthy he might be enough to turn the offence around.
Great blocker, explosive runner, weapon out of the backfield.

Not sure if it is enough to make the O-Line look professional, but here is hoping that having Jessie in the game allows Casey to do his thing out there!

I think Jesse is a key piece of the offence. He will make a difference even if it's only to draw attention to himself and keep the Stamps D honest. If he is healthy enough to make a significant contribution running and catching out of the backfield it could be enough to make a world of difference between tonight's game and last Saturday's effort. Throw in Armstead and I predict the Cats will be very competitive tonight. I don't think they will win necesarily but they will at least be entertaining. On the other hand, I would not be totally surprised to see them win tonight.

I guess you're referring to Lumsden? If he's healthy, he's a difference maker. No doubt about that. However, I think it's a little premature to refer to him as an allstar.

An Argo-Cat fan

Jesse Lumsden, IS the Best RB in the World, So that makes him an ALLSTAR!!! :rockin: