What DIDN'T happen this weekend?.........

.....think it was the BC/Hamilton game.......Miles I believe.......but to be fair to the ref, the other BC defender in on the play was blocking the refs line of sight to Miles foot position, and it was millimeters in from the edge, so this would fall into the 'missed' category, not a bad call........

r13, you are not whining, and I thought Burris looked like he could have been across los as well, for the refs to miss a fundamental call such as that, tells me that the officiating has not improved.

Oh I know I’m not whinning but you know how it is. If you make an observation in a losing game well you all know what will be said.

can we use a live trout its more fun that way

Whiner ha ha ha ha It is okay for an Al's fan Redandwhite but a Rider fan is the whiner no matter what? Come on Rider fans make your statment heard!

oh don't worry rw2005 we are used to the double standard that applies to us Rider fans

RIght on Billy...... I guess EDM & winnipeg are allowed to belly ache there losses but Rider fans are whiners no matter what they say... I am not saying its everyone on this board... and I wont be pointing fingers cus you all know who you are... and i will be accused of (WHINING) lol

They did miss one. In the Lions Ti-cats game BC did intercept a pass in the end zone that was called out of bounds when the replay showed it was in fact a good catch. Not that it really mattered. I personly think the refs do a very good job. My only complaint would be that to me it seems that time and time again recievers in motion are getting away with crossing the line befor the ball is snapped and this has the evect of giving them a step or two over the defenders.

just bring instant replays and ref will do a better job.

Haha. BleedBlue&Gold is right, I usually don't come here during the weekend. As for Friday, I was computerless because that day marked the END OF MY HOBONESS !

I finally moved in! I am home! I have... walls... doors... and stuff... ya know... windows...

So I'll take this occasion to make a few comments on the game.

  • I wasn't too depressed to see the Als lose because I don't think they deserve to win when they allow 40 points. A good football team should not allow 40 points. Some people say we lost the game on a last-second field goal. I disagree. I say we lost the game when we allowed the previous 37 points. I can live with allowing field goals to the opponent, but not with such a point-fest. Also, I wasn't to emotionally involved in that game because the highlight of my week was my moving on the next day, so I kinda cared less about football last week.

  • Ro1313, I haven't notice whether Burris had passed the LOS on the first TD drive, but I do remember seeing Calvillo completing a 1st down on 2nd and long later in the game, when he was waaaay past the LOS. My partner and I were like "Oh shlt. This one will be called back." And then... no flag. That 1st down was given to us. So I guess it's a fair trade if it happened on both sides. And, for the record, I believe it happens way more often than we imagine. QBs often push it VERY close to the LOS before they release the ball.

  • Robert Edwards. I love that truck. He gives every Montreal fan a reason to enjoy the game even when we lose. I hope he stays in the CFL. Too many 100+ yards games in a row might get him back on the NFL radar. Shhhh....

  • Congrats to Burris who played really excellent football. No int. No fumble. Nice mix of run and pass plays. Great execution. He was the best player on the field.

  • I kinda feel bad for the Alouettes offensive unit. They played a good game. You should win when you score 37 points. The blame goes completely (once again) to the defence.

  • Kudos to my favourite DE, Anwar Stewart, who plays more and more on both sides of the ball. He makes a great TE. Too bad he was tackled 2 yards short of a TD...

Can we have Anwar back please.

I was kidding Billy with Redandwhite sorry but you may have a case in this one.