What DIDN'T happen this weekend?.........

........the officials were not a factor.........there was no infraction controversy........in fact, I can't think of a single event this last weekend for any team or fan to have reason to complain.......now granted I had to go to the bathroom periodically and maybe missed something, but it must have been something minor.........so hats off to the refs, as the season progresses and teams get better so to do the zebras.......thanks for being a non-factor!........

Agreed 100% - I think this was the first week I've seen all season where there wasn't a controversy over a call. It was kind of refreshing to watch.

Would ya like one? I have a bad call by the refs.
I didnt want to bring it up because the Als lost and I would be accused of whinning.

When Burris threw his 50+ yard touchdown(the first one on the opening drive) he was a good yard to a yard and a half over the LOS

......hmmmm, I missed that one, but being 3,000 klics away I was relying on TSN and they didn't say anything..........maybe that's why 3/10 has disappeared, he must have blown a head gasket and his gf is still nursing his cold shivering corpral form back to mental health.......

He doesn't come on week-ends much. I think that's what I read from him but at least he picked the Bombers :wink: Smart man...

Redandwhite you are too good at this 3/10 is probably hiding from you. On that call it is hard to tell from TV it did not look like it but if you had a better advantage then the ref then ya it could ahve been close. Again it really depends on what the ref can see on the playing field. It was a good game now Montreal has to beat the Eskies for us.

I saw it right away, but I used my PRV to replay it, and he was over for sure.
C'est la vie

That's a good observation RedandWhite and right on. I think we tend to be overly critical although sometime it is warranted against our part time officials. And that is the rub, theses guys are all part time. Plus, up until this year I also did not know how the guys were flying in on game day. Now, they are coming in the day before and are also working and staying together like baseball umping crews.

That would be a good idea but unlike baseball, CFL refs are part time and have regular jobs. When you think about it they must have pretty good employers to allow them the time off to fly-in early

.........I would imagine that most of them are university degree high management type guys who may even run their own companies.......it's probably a pretty exclusive group to get into.....lol, or maybe police officers, goodness knows they have to deal with some irate situations sometimes.........

He lost his bet with me… :lol:

Even though the ARGOS won.........the ARGOS got 5 or 6 pens. in a row [at the end of the game] .........and one for a mysterious crack block block in a play that only lasted 2 seconds..............in what was 1 of the worse B.S. line of pens. that I have seen in along while.

The CBC shut down, THAT's something to b@#$% abou.

If we are only talking about 1 or 2 botched plays by our refs after a weekend, then we are definitly going in the right direction.

Just last year it was 2-4 botched calls every single game. What I think is really different this year is that the refs are getting together and huddling for anthing controversial, that is a huge improvement!

(is it possible that in those huddles one of the refs is glancing at the replay on the big screens? If so, thank-you for getting it right).

Have to agree...saw the Burris pass myself and believe me, If people on TV could hear a person yelling at the TV, those Refs. would be deaf!!!

Cool someone agrees with me. I thought my point was going to wither and die :wink:

...........wasn't disagreeing with you ro, just didn't see the play so I can't argue about it one way or the other....you're a trustworthy soul so I believe you....

.........but your example brings up an question I'll throw out to the floor.......I feel there is a difference between a missed call and a call made in error, agree/disagree?.....

.........in the case of Burris being over the LOS, I say this is a missed call and while it affected the course of the game the refs can't be blamed for missing the action (counterargument: isn't at least one official supposed to be looking specifically for this during the game?)......

I agree with you 100% You cant blame the ref for something that happend while his back was turned, but your right as far a I know there is one ref one the los who watches for offside and passes past the los
Itys just that I was expection a lot of posts telling me I was nuts or calling me a whinner because we lost and they never came

.........no one can call you a whiner, I brought the question up and you offered an example, if anyone says that's whining I'll pin their arms behind their back while you strike them about the face with a dead trout.....

everyone not see the interception that should have been one. I honestly forget which game it was (I was only watching periodically) butthe play was when it hit the reciever in the endzone, went off him, then the defender and then into another defenders hands, who preceded to drag his feet before going out of bounds in the endzone. As I say i don't remember which teams it was, I can't remember if the play was that relevant, if the team ended up scoring or what, but regardless it was a botched call.

That being said it was a very hard call to make, and I don't blame the refs for botching it, it should have been reviewed, alas no replays.