What did your 2007 seats cost?

Sec 7, row 41, seat 47:
$385 for 2007
$495 for 2008 (early bird)
Increase = 28.6%

Section 7
Row 34
2007 - $350.80 (Traditions)
2008 - $495.00 (Earlybird)
2008 - $550.00 (non earlybird)

=> 41.1% increase (57% if not earlybird)

Wow! That's nuts. Especially considering how poor the on field performance has been. I thought it would be around a 10% increase (which is still high) but 28% or more is just crazy. I bet more people will switch to flex packs or just watch on tv until they see a product worth paying for.

I will be watching on tv this year forsure was a 10yr ticket holder but forget this i got better things to spend my money on. didnt bob say he didnt need a winner to put fans in the seats well lets see how many fans we got next year. considering you can get season tickets to the bills much cheaper and at least they are 500 team

...The same price they cost me in 2005 and 2006...

What a joke. The fact that the organization would even think to raise the prices after last season makes them and the league look like a joke!

Compare to Bills seasons tickets. And I've been to three games this season. By far a better fan experience with the tailgating and COMPETITIVE football aside from the New England game. Most teams don't play competitive football with them.


Do remember that the NFL plays one more preseason game and one less home game than the CFL. So I think that should be taken into consideration when comparing season tickets. Also, if you look at the before tax price you will see an even bigger difference.

As fo the atmosphere...that is simply personal opinion. And competitiveness? well the Bills havent been that good for a while. I dont see them guaranteeing any playoff refund.

2/3 of the season ticket prices



Isn't that fantastic!!


Has anybody bought season tickets to
the Leafs, Raptors, or Blue Jays lately?

Cheapest Raptor Seasons are 855.00
Cheapest Blue jay Season Ticats 500.00 500 Lev.
Leaf Tickets You can't get them they are Sold Out..

Those are unfair comparisons.

There are 81 baseball, 41 hockey and 41 basketball home games.

With your comparison, the Blue Jays are considerably cheaper at only $6 per ticket per game.

The team AND the league - how so?

Not every team can raise ticket prices whether they win, lose or draw, but the teams that can are hardly a joke. At least not financially. I don't think the Cats fall into that category yet, but I'd be surprised if the correlation between ticket price and number of season tickets is as strong as some people think.

As for the Bills and their ticket prices, enjoy them now - does anyone seriously expect Buffalo to have a team in five years?

I love the wagon hoppers..on/off/on/off...oh and by the way...the Bills suck and it's a terrible experience for more money..

I rather think that the comparison of major sports franchises in the United states to the CFL is like comparing apples and oranges.

The price per ticket per game is the real issue and there is generally more bang for the buck state side.

Poor analogy!

What He Said :thup:

Plus 2004.

I don't know what they will be in 2008..haven't checked yet...but I'm sure they will be affordable. Besides...I'm looking for better results THIS YEAR...(with a guarantee) than the last 3, so if the play on the field improves...I'm happy :wink: :thup: :thup:

My 2007 seats didn't cost anything...I did not have tickets at all...except for the free pair I won part way through the season for the Stamps game (that we actually won)...I hadn't been to a game in years and my kids had been asking to go for some time...after winning the pair, I was going to take my wife, but when we couldn't find a sitter I took one of the kids...I had a blast and so did my daughter...made me start to consider going again...

I am looking at potentially buying 4 tickets in the Family Zone (for my wife, myself and 2 of the kids) at a cost of $550 (without early bird and not taking into account any playoff or Vanier tickets).

That would be a per game cost of $55 for 4 of us...not including any food, refreshments, parking, transportation, etc.

A lot of people want to continuously bring up comparisons against the Raptors, Leafs, Bills, etc. and a lot of people seem to think these comparisons don't make sense...

Let's look at another comparison...

Hamilton Bulldogs...total cost for 2 adult tickets and 2 kid tickets is $2160 for a 40 game schedule, making it $54 per game...MAJOR BONUS, they have 3 sections that are alcohol free, two of them are in a corner at the Home end of the ice and the third is Centre Ice on the team bench side.

Some things to keep in mind is that all tickets are the same prices, doesn't matter where you sit. I'm sure somebody will say "but it's not pro sports" to which I say "they're all property of the Montreal Canadiens and have either played or will potentially play up in the bigs someday". The Dogs won the Calder Cup last year and are having a terrible year this year (they only have 8 wins in 25 games).

I can understand and sympathize with those who were in Traditions Club and have seen a drastic increase over what the used to be paying, but you can't say you honestly thought it was going to last forever.

I totally feel for those who were sitting in the top priced seats and had their kids with them...that will make a huge difference...going from $750 (for 1 adult, 1 kid seat) to $1400 as there is no longer a kids price in those areas...

My only complaint that I can make about any of this (as I have never had season tickets before) is that as much as the Cats like to say "Thanks to the families, Ivor Wynne rocked again in 2007!" (as quoted from the season ticket options page) they don't truly take care of the families by providing them with a better "alcohol free" area to sit...like I said with the Bulldogs you can actually get Centre Ice seats and not be concerned about some hammered guy sitting next to your kid. For as long as I can remember the Family Zone has been either on the South Side on the corner of the west end zone or in the east end zone...I thing I vaguely remember there being a time when the Family Zone was section 8 (upper level - north stands - behind the Cats Bench), but I could be wrong...I think it's time to give the Families some decent options for seats where they don't have to be around alcohol if the don't want to.



2007 $170.00
2008 Earlybird $112.00

section 9 is going up $100.00 I will be watching on TV.