What did you think of Street Fest 2007?

The Roster where there All had to do was ask Rom for 1.

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Unfortunately I don`t know what Rom looks like. Many of us were expecting player introductions similar to what was done for the 2005 season.

It was a good reason to get out, get a little sun and get to know the new tigercats a bit better!I enjoyed it.

Just to answer some of the questions asked:

Jerseys: would be ideal, the only problem is since the team was only finalized the night before, it would be difficult to put together names and numbers on a jersey in such a short time. Name tags could be the answer.

Player Introductions: The reason for not having player introductions was simply out of respect for the players that were at the event, had been cut, but would be on the practice roster. The decision was so that no players would be left out until the roster has been finalized.

Thanks for the comments and keep them coming.

Seems more than fair to me!

Seems fair to me. And honestly, had the roster sheet been available at one specific location, say at the Y108 table or the counter in the store, it could have been announced “Go get your roster sheet at wherever…” rather than being told “they’re around…”

Sorry for the double post.

I voted no, that I didn't like Street Fest. There was too much standing around, with nothing going on at first. The band was fine, but there didn't seem to be much flow to the event. My friends and I left when we saw many of the players head to their vehicles to leave. We were expecting formal announcement of the players, as was done in the Tigers' Lair days at Gage Park. If it wasn't for Ted Michaels doing the radio show live from the premises, it would have been hard for us to get any info about the cuts, the trade, etc.

Makes sense. I guess none of us ever thought that might be the reason. Fair enough.

My wife and I were impressed by how friendly and sociable all the players were. The only problem was she kept asking who the players were and I didn't know. It's a good thing Angelo was there------him I know.