What did you think of Street Fest 2007?

Comments are welcomed. Hope everyone had fun.

I had a good time but was a little nervous (I'm legally blind and use a white cane when I'm in a large crowd) with all the young children either walking around or being pushed around in their stroller.

Otherwise, the music was great and the food prices were even better.

I hope the Ticats have another of these where the fans can talk to their favourite players, coaches and just have a good time.

Thanks for the day :thup:

Great idea!

It was nice too see so many of the players out.....Mass, Radlein, Anderson, Butler, Lumsden, Curry, Cook......,many more.....

Taaffe, Dejardins and Young also on hand...plus Lancaster and Mosca.

The cheerleaders....Stripes.....Hammerhead (band). The big tunnel helmet.

The store is very nice....lots of new merchandise, for men, women and kids!

If I may make a few suggestions for next year, it would be breat if the cheerleaders could have done a few routines....plus the players could wear their jerseys to make themselves a little more identifiable. Other than that, the only thing we need is a bigger turnout next time.

Keep up the GREAT work Cats....2007 is going to just keep getting better!!!!!!

Oskee Wee Wee

how many people do u think were there today?

Great Party as Always K.W.
My Only Problem was no Formal Player Introductions Done..

This should be next for next years Steet Fest.

I Give it 8 out 10 Tiger Paws..

What a great event. Had a good time talking to the players and felt a very positive vibe coming from the new guys. Also had the pleasure to meet Randy Steele from CH News at the event.

It was a decent afternoon in which you don't always get to meet everybody one on one . My only problem was with the high turnover of players this year it would be nice that the players could have worn their jerseys so we would have known who the new players where .

How about some pics of the new cat den for us out of towners. :thup:

We had a lot of fun and I personally think the whole event was an absolute success.

I definitely agree with 92mustang, that it would have been nice for the players to have some kind of identifying item on.. name tags or jerseys...

I'm also in agreement with OnKnight, formal player intros would have been cool too.

Also perhaps spreading the tables out a little further down Jarvis St, with the goal of spreading the crowd out a little more.

I took a bunch of pics today.. I will try to get them posted later tonight or tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Great idea and we had fun.

I agree about it would have been nice to know who was who in regards to the players . If not their jerseys perhaps at least name tags .

Other wise it was a nice afternoon .

I am lucky Enough to most of Guys By Face now.
But would have been nice of Jersery to be use.

8) Overall, it was an enjoyable day, and it was nice to see a lot of retired TiCat players there also !!! I think some things could have been a little better organized, but that can be corrected for the next get together. As mentioned in some earlier posts, the players, especially the new ones should have worn their jerseys so everyone knew who they were !! A formal introduction of the new TiCat players on the stage would have been a nice touch also !!!

Everyone seemed to be in an upbeat, friendly mood, so that helped make the whole day worthwhile !!!

Great idea to formally meet the team.
I certainly agree that the players should have been wearing shirts with names.
I have to tell you though, with this great facility for the Ticat head offices, and the way everything is being run now, this franchise is finally running with the best of them! :cowboy:

In all fairness, hard to say I guess.

The event ran from 11 to 2. I was only there from 12 to 2.

Of course, the people kept coming and going.

Over a 3-hour period I would estimate 500 or so, on the day, stopped by. That's just a guess, but the store was busy and there were lineups for autogrpahs and food. So a crowd nonetheless.

It appears the Cats wanted this to be an informal event where the players are viewed a people and members of the community.

As other fans have mentions next time if the players could be wearing at least Ticat golf shirts or jersey's and be formally announced. Also the dance team should do a couple of routines and for god sakes pick one Pig Skin Pete and get him up there doing cheers. :?

As an aside, from the comments I heard in the stands, many fans were very disappointed that the previous Pig Skin Pete competition was scrapped for this new Pete a Week contest.


That's true.
The players had to wait in line to get a hot dog/sausage or get into the store, just like everyone else.

There should have been a poll choice for "needs improvement".

  1. Hammer Head was adequet for the task. The volume on the microphone should have been turned up for Bob, Desjardins, et al so that we could hear them speak.

  2. I don`t know if it was in the budget for the party or not, but the lack of shade on a scorchingly hot day was a concern. Perhaps if, in the future, there is another event like this, some tetns could be rented to help provide some shade.

  3. I like the idea of hot dogs and sausages, but as another poster said, maybe lining the tables further down Jarvis would have made it feel less cramped.

  4. Big problem here. NO PLAYER INTRODUCTIONS. I can understand if certain players were unavailable, but I feel many people were expecting Coach Taffe to announce this years team. Some obnoxious loudmouth (I resemble that comment) asked Scott Mitchell who was on the team as he was leaving the stage. We got a reply that there were some rosters "floating around". Nope. Couldnt find any. Disappointed about that...

  5. The players themselves were great, mixing it up with the fans, relaxing, and all had smiles of relief, as well as a look of grim determination on their faces. I jokingly made a comment about them needing "Hello, My name is..." stickers on their clothing... lol

All-in-all, it was an enjoyable event.

The wife and myself enjoyed it. We wanted to get into the store but didn't want to wait in the line. Great to see players, coaches, admin people and fans all together and the music was a nice touch.