What did you have...in your coffee this morning...

Stand back....a person could get "bitten" on this message board...to-day.
Great to see..the interest..and thoughts..after the Calgary..."beating".
I'm sure it was a BIG wake-up call..for the Team.
As it was for the fans...
Better days...ahead...very soon..I 'hope'. :thup:

Cream, no sugar: ...wait for it...wait for it...

k...I'm sweet enough!

All hail Brick Top in "Snatch"! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

I don't drink coffee. Good thing to as it is a depressant and after last nights game... well do I need to say it.

Bailey's 8)
Happy Canada Day!

Just Black!!!!!!! get off the teet and drop the cream!!!!!!! jk bro!!!!!

Cheers to all on Canada Day!!!

2% milk but I drank it with a heavy heart after last nights game :frowning:

the last few seasons have really been challenging to be a Ti-Cat fan. I really hope something happens fast to fix these wrongs.

Actually coffee, when it contains caffeine, is a fairly strong stimulant, but may neutralize, or conversely, stimulate the effects of certain antidepressants, anxiolytics and anamnestics. Hence the addition of alcohol to coffee, as in Spanish or Irish coffees, MAY make a relaxing drink.

Merlin (decaffeinated, but willing to give the team 3 more games before I get too anxious or depressed)