What did you expect?

Montreal's O-line gave AC time to ply his trade, ours did not do the same for Maas and Ranek.

It's that simple. End of story

Really folks, did you expect something else?

*** Edited to add Poll ***

In the prediction thread I said With Corey out: Montreal 41 Hamilton 17 <<< please let me be wrong!

Pyrrhic victories have vacuum action. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

I expected us to win 44-17.

But did anyone really expect to win in Montreal?

Now next week, I do expect a win at home vs. Calgary.

This is a completely different scenario now.

I think it is too. We played much better in most aspects of the game. If that trend continues, we'll start to see results in the win column.

Why cant you guys get it through your thick skulls that Ranek SUCKS! The o-line cant take blame for everything and especially not for raneks shitty 10 yards on 8 carries peferomance.

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A: you dont know much about football do you...

B: our oline is playing like crap.

So at this poin tin the poll, 7 out of 11 expected a Montreal win.

And you'd figure most people would, so why all the freaking out?