What did we like?

In an attempt to keep moving forward (and give the dead horse a break), here are a few things I did like about last nights game:

  1. Cheerleaders new outfits - best team in the CFL!

  2. Pregame- video, jets, carrying the hammer and Big Ang in the press box.... I'd like to see players/celebs brought in to lead the opening cheer every game.

  3. IMHO - defence tackled better in the open field

  4. kicking game - not the penalties

  5. Linebackers- actually stop players in their tracks. In the past they would hold on and drag them down after 6 yards

  6. Coaches taking action when players screw up (Shaw)- last year they would have walked to the bench, stood without anyone coaching them up and then back in to do it again.

  7. Players playing with some anger. I missed that last year

Anything else??

Apart from number one, all the points are valid.

Go the montrealalouettes.com and follow the "Cheerleaders" menu for more details.

:D :D :D

Re number 1- We'll know for sure next week when the Als are in town- Sounds like a win-win situation.

1.close to correct aspect ratio with the jumbotron.

2.Easy to read graphics.

Buy some HD cameras and w'ere all set. :slight_smile:

  1. Have the jets fly over every game.
  1. The Jets! That second fly-by was unreal!

  2. Nick Setta. I think he has a jet engine for a leg.

  3. Some of our open field tackles on defence were great. They were just on the field too long. (not their fault)

  4. I loved the player coming out with the hammer!

  5. The sausages! I had one and it was fantastic!

  6. The view from the stands was awesome. Doesn't look like there's a bad seat in the house.

  7. Just being able to attend the game was great for me!

8) The fair prices of souveniers. I bought an Autographed Nick Setta print and framed for $35. That's a steal.

I like my new yellow foam hammer. :rockin:

I liked that the game ended and I got to go home.

I liked Moreno, McKay-Loescher and Chang.

I loved the intro to the game with the hammer time video and the jets.

  1. Armour -- I'm sold. He's a good leader and exactly the type of player this team needs.
  2. Moreno
  3. Glasper
  4. Our backup linebackers
  5. How well our D played without Tay Cody
  6. How well our D played without Wayne Shaw :wink:
  7. The D-Line -- great pressure last night!