What did we learn in our game against the Arblows?

I learned that we are a better team than the Arblows.
That we are very much improved week to week.
We really do have a running game.
The D can hold their own against anyone.
Offensive play calling is much better but still needs to improve. (On 2nd and 3 or 4 get the first down, not the bomb).
I learned CFL refs are probably the worst from any sport that i follow.
We need to insert a threat to return kicks. Willie Quinn anyone?
Castillo is the real deal.
And i learned that we probably won't make the post season unfortunately but that this team is fun to watch.

Totally agree.

Will add defensive play calling needs improving as well. NEVER go into that prevent mode, always attack.

Oh yeah, I haven't given up post season play yet

I learned that the argos have much better coaching and QB play.

As good as the defense appeared to play they were unable to stop the Argos when it counted the most. Do good defenses allow over 30 points a game and give up leads time and time again.

We also learned, as Simmy put it, when you have your foot on their throat, you can't let up. The game is 60 minutes, not 52.

There is no fair play rule in pro sports. If you have a chance to step on the other teams throat, you break their wind pipe and finish them off.

I learned that going out of the shotgun on the one yard line is not a good idea. Wait a minute, didn't I learn that in the last game?

We learned, for the first time, that the 2018 Tiger-Cats are capable scoring 30 points in game. And, they did that (35 pts.) with almost 13 minutes still to play.

And then did squat, except to let the blew team score 23 unanswered points...

Things that I learned from the game.

  1. I never tend to use the refs as an excuse but I can honestly say that we had more non calls on us and missed calls on them than I have ever seen in my time watching the Ticats. i

It lends one to wonder if the referee calling is just that bad or is there a bias towards Toronto as there is not that much money in the league and we need the Argos to succeed to get more fans in the seats in Bmo field and cheering for the Argos

  1. Masoli is a decent QB but he is way too inconsistent and he overthrows wide open receivers too often . He also has a poor completion percentage in the 50's most games and other good qb's are usually in the high 60's and 70's . This is not good in 3 down football causing too many 2 and outs and punts. I think he has shown that he cannot be a starter and not lead us to the playoffs or Grey Cup.

  2. Our offensive play calling has improved but still has issues. Going for long passes on 2knd and 3 has become the norm and they never complete . Why can't they try a quick out pattern for 2 to 3 yards to keep the sticks moving .

4 We are now getting decent pass protection from our oline . Alot of credit has to go to our two new import tackles in Washington and Mathews. They have done a great job run blocking as well .

5 CJ Gable surprised me in this game. He had not been playing very well for few years now but was a beast today . I's like to see us keep Alex Green just in case Gable goes back to hi sold ways. I think that in Gable's defence he did not get many touches under the Austin run offence so no chance to gain any confidence or momentum . Just like we shouldn't get carried away with one good game by Green we shouldn't do the same with Gable's big game .

6 We absolutely need more pass rush from our defensive Ends. I don't know what the solution is but the two guys we have now are not getting to the QB. When Laurent comes back next week , we might want to start and import at both DE spots. I think we should bring in some NFl cuts at DE and/or make a trade for one. Ricky Ray showed he can precisely pick apart a defence without a good pass rush .

7 Our Defensive backs have improved but still need some work . Courtney Stefan has made huge strides the last 2 games sacking the QB and making 2 interceptions . I think is making a big step forward so i'd keep him at safety. Rookie Leonard has been rock solid . I never seem to see anyone getting receptions of of him much like it was with Delvin Breaux. Eman Davis is not playing so well since he has been back and I am wondering how long a leash we should have on him. I think Kanneh played decent last night but brooks got beat more than a few times . This leaves us with Washington . Sorry desmond you are the weakest link constantly getting pass interference calls and allowing completions.
I felt that Unamba was playing great at corner alongside Leonard and I thing we should go back to that combo .

8 I think it is time that we give Collaros a chance . I would love to see what he can do with an improved oline and better overall offence with a running game and June Jones run and shoot.

9 Since , we don't have much of a pass rush for now we need to blitz more often . Our defensive co-ordinator should have blitzed more in the end of the game with the lead but he let Ray pick us apart.

10 Larry Dean is becoming an absolute tackling machine . He get s to the running back and goes back on receivers as well . He should be considered for an eastern all-star at mlb

  1. Whitlock is a beast . He plays great on specials and makes big play in limited time on the field.

  2. Ted Laurent told me that he will be back next week which is great news for our ratio and defensive line push . I am not quite sure where to play an extra import at this time. I'd say at DE if i knew we had a good import pass rusher but we don't even have one on our practice roster. I tend to think they might want to go with an extra import receiver maybe starting Aultman and giving Quinn a chance at kick returns as Aultman has done nothing on kick returns despite his great speed.

13 I still think we have a chance for a playoff spot. All we have to do is beat a very poor team in Montreal twice and beat Ottawa at home . Beating WPG in WPG would be a nice bonus and so would beating calgary in Hamilton but i'd say both are unlikely. One would think that Ottawa would lose in SASK and in BC ( both places are hard to win at ) and then they play us at home . So if we can beat Montreal twice and Ottawa in Ottawa then there is a chance we make the playoffs

What did we learn in our game against the Arblows?
Simple, the TiCats are in a rebuilding zone and until they can close it out & win a GC, nothing else really matters. W’s are w\s and L\s are l\s but until you win the big one it doesn’t matter what else you do.

I agree with Gerbear20 about ZC and I said it when we played BC, he should have started. Yeah he may not be the hulk that JM is, but he does have a better arm and the fact of the matter is the CFL is a passing league; I don't think any team can win using the run unlike the NFL.

If Hamilton trades ZC we are in the hurt locker for sure!

But H can play head to head with the best in the league when they give 100% and the play calling isn't out the window like in the last 8 minutes.

The next game against Winnipeg will decide our season, a win and I think we will make the playoffs, a loss and it is time to audition players for 2018. ZC NEEDS to start that game!! >:(

Argos fan here.

I have a question about one play, the 3rd and 17 that was completed to Posey that kept the Argos alive. How did that happen? There were 4 lineman rushing the Qback. The linebackers had faded back to help the defensive back. That puts Ticats downfield covering receivers. The Argos had five on the line, plus the Qback, plus a relief man 5 yards away, giving them only 5 receivers downfield. Ray is almost completely immobile so he's no running threat, and the safety valve would be a very risky pass when 17 yards are needed.

So if 8 Ticats were covering 5 players, how was Posey so wide open on a long throw. The defence knew it had to be a big gain so they had to only concentrate on 15 yards downfield or more. It seems every Ticat defender was out of position. The defence has to read the game a lot better than that. Also the 2 point converts were a gimme. That shouldn't happen.

It was the Ticat defense that needs a ton of work. Forget the refs. They never please any team or fan.

Good luck.

I completely agree with your sentiment about not getting carried away.

Green had an amazing first game, but the reaction of some fans was off the charts. There were four separate threads devoted to who would be the starting RB against the Argos, and they were getting increasingly more desperate. One called for a fan vote, another was a direct appeal to the head coach, and another alleged interference from the head of football ops dictating to the coach about whom he should start. I swear if there was one more thread it would have been about a court injunction to start Green.

Then, of course, Gable has a better game than Green did the week before, so it was all just a bunch of noise.

I can't remember who started all those ridiculous threads, but it's good to hear that there are still some reasonable fans on here to remind the others not to get carried away.

How long has Ray played as a starter comparied to Masoli??

Ray has had his playbook since training camp...Masoli ...the last few weeks...

We need to be realistic and fair....

I am… just pointed out an observation. We were outplayed at the qb position and outcoached.

I didn’t say I expect JM to be as good as RR but I’m not going to ignore the difference either.

The way Trestman runs his team is what our goal should be. In 1 year under him they’ve completely turned themselves into a professional organization. Can’t say the same about us.

Oh, that is so well said....the old 60's style of the prevent defense is just plain stupid...the DC should be ashamed of himself by throwing the game...this is not rocket science...the defensive calls worked for 3 quarters...Oh no something is working well,--BETTER STOP IT...that coach should be gone for turning chicken!

And Austin, in his first year in Hamilton took a previous 6-12 team to the Grey cup with A LOT more obstacles to overcome than Trestman......the next season, we finished first in the east and again went to the championship....

TRESTMAN'S goal should be what we did in our first TWO years under Kent Austin.

With quarterbacking, you may be pointing out an observation, but it's like that apples to oranges comparison.

And, on that day, Masoli was, if not the better, certainly the more successful QB for 3/4 of the game with 21 first downs, 243 yds. passing, more personal rushing yds. and 4 more minutes controlling the ball. Ray's numbers for the first 3 quarters were 10 first downs and 145 yds. passing. Toronto's total offence, after 3 quarters, was 250 yds. less than Hamilton's.