What did the Stamps game teach us and what are our options?

The team is a little banged up right now. Some tweaks need to be made.
Daly was exposed on 2 pass plays and some weak tackling on a couple other occasions. Not sure why the Safety was all alone in coverage twice when he was beat. Is that a blown coverage or was it designed that he had single coverage on those plays?
I would get Courtney Stevens some PT to keep Daley fresh and see if he is a better option.

Can somebody/anybody provide consistent performance from the kick return game? Ryan was horrible yesterday other than his spectacular TD return. Looked clueless returning punts as everyone has this season. Is it the returner or is it the system. I think due to the number of returners tried I know the answer.

DLine pressure non existent. I give all the credit to Stamps OLine which is awesome but the team needs an upgrade on Tracy. Great second half last year. Invisible this year.

Need SPEEDY bad. Toliver does not look like his old self but is OK as our 3rd option, Tasker needs a deep threat beside him to be effective.

OLine had a rough game. They had been great and will be fine.

I don’t see any set plays for the return guy. It’s almost as if the returner makes his route on the fly

And it wasn’t just Tracy. Westerman, Neill, and Capicciotti were pretty darn invisible as well. Mitchell had all the time in the world in the pocket.

Ryan has the speed to return kicks if he can get some blocking, he was un-catchable once he broke through the first line of tacklers on the kick-off return for the TD. He also got clear running round the outside on one punt return and was only stopped by a defender grabbing his hair from behind. With a bit more experience and a haircut he will be good.

We were only rushing four most of the game, sometimes only three, we need to get the linebackers and DBs involved now and again if we are to get more sacks.

Calgary was sending six or seven players on most plays, Masoli had no time to set up and throw. We need more plays designed to counter the blitz. The two screen plays we played worked very well, Green got a first down on one. He would have had a long gain on the other if our two linemen had blocked one player each instead of both blocking the same guy and leaving the other guy to make the tackle. These things happen, you have to work on them.

All told, it wasn’t all that bad considering the loss of all three speedy receivers in three weeks.

The one glaring weakness is our kicking. We had a missed FG, missed point after, a penalty on a kick-off out of bounds and a horrible punt that was returned for a TD. Our kicking is losing us 10 to 15 yards on an exchange of punts, which is part of the reason we have been starting so many drives from deep in our own zone.

And calling two running plays and a FG from the seven with 6.25 left in the game when you are 12 points down is not the attitude of a winning team. The coaches game management is improving, but still has some way to go.

Fortunately, the East division is so weak this year as always, we should make the play-offs and may even finish first.

I am optimistic that this team can iron out the bugs before play-off time and at least make it to the cup this year.

How you missed coach and QB in that laundry list is incredible. Not a serious exercise until you do.

Why are you optimistic?

We didn’t learn anything we didn’t already know before this game.

  • we beat up on bad teams and can’t move the ball against good defences.

  • our coach thinks he’s in the NCAA still.

  • our QB is prone to foolish turnovers.

  • our D can only stand in for so long before it breaks.

  • our punting is incredibly inconsistent.

There’s more…but since it’s not news to anyone there’s no point in rehashing it all.

We have no middle linebacker they run up the middle on us all day he makes tackles 6 yards down field.We need better DE and a middle linebacker.

The offense looked bad with out three of are best on the field.

I love our MLB, second best defensive player IMO to Delvin Breaux Jr

The Stamps were beatable…

  • But, with the line up we had, Masoli needed more patience to control the field position. I love him but JJ should have given him sh*t for those desperation tosses. An elite QB doesn’t do that every single time he is in trouble. Some times its ok to get sacked or get back to scrimmage. Masoli needs to show the patience he did last year and control the field position a little better. Settle for a field goal when you can get it.
  • I think Ryan at punt return could be the real deal - he got to full speed in two strides. He could be the answer to our kick return woes despite the fumbles - like Speedy, small guy, small hands will fumble.
  • The kicker is an issue - punting and field goals. We have been spoiled with Medlock and Castille.
  • We got points off special teams and defence. That was there.
  • Alex Green looked a bit tired and banged up, maybe next guy to be rested. Mix in Timmis.
  • Again, slow long hand offs from the shot gun in the red zone - bad. Need better play calling from JJ.

So…we are aren’t able to compete with the best in the West yet so we will see if they can clean some things up, get healthy, continue to improve the play calling/game management, eliminate stupid mistakes then we’ll see but right now we can hang with Ottawa but no chance against the West. It will be a big task to clean everything up and elevate themselves to another level unless the receivers get back to full strength and Alex Green is 100%

A/ No depth at receiver.
B/ D Line no pressure no sacks.
C/ Play calls … Poor
D/ Half time adjustments? Is there anyone in the both with CFL knowledge?
E/ O Line can’t pick up the blitz.
F/ QB needs to throw the ball away instead of throwing stupid pics .
G/ Dailey at safety? ? ? Kick return… a shimmer of hope.
H/ Did I mention the D Line NO SACKS NO PRESSURES…
I/ QB unable to read the entire field.

This. Shades of 2013. Looking to get hot into the playoff run.

That works in East, doesn’t work against a team contender.

Would rather not make the Cup if we aren’t serious as an organization.

The theoretical answer is your only options are use NFL cuts to fill in depth gaps, or make a trade with a team that is looking to shed cap space. Both can quickly do a number on your cap, and historically are rolls of the dice (it takes time for any player to learn a new team system). The only difference is NFL cuts tend to have more Football experience but cost more and have little available national content, and trades trade away your future. That said, draft picks in the CFL aren’t worth a lot and unproven prospects are in the same boat and proven prospects and vets you no longer need are a much bigger gamble.

The practical answer is, you don’t. It’s way too late to make major foundational changes to the team and there are too many gaps to fill. The D.Line is under performing, you are short a punt returner/receiver with Banks and Williams both out and you have way too much youth in the O.Line and Secondary. Throwing out coaches also will not help at this point. Even if coaching errors are causing issues, losing a coach throws the systems, sidelines and play calling into chaos. There is only two reasons to fire a coach at this stage, major scandal or the intent is to start a rebuild for next year early, which at .500, isn’t quite that time in the weak East division.

Unless you can identify individual players who are playing foundationally flawed Football (IE: Consistently drawing penalties, being unable to id plays, being unable to cover, being locker room poison) you may as well give the current guys reps so you can either trade them at a greater value or keep them. The team walked into the season without a lot of depth, despite several seasons of overwhelming injuries plaguing it. A band-aid isn’t going to fix things.

Thankfully the team is in a weak division, unless both the Cats have a complete collapse and either the Argos and Als turn it around a playoff spot is likely. Keep also in mind, Ottawa has a much tougher schedule. While they have two “Feeder games” (Winnipeg and Toronto) like the Cats (Montreal and Toronto) and two games vs the Cats, they have two matches against Edmonton whereas the Cats have two against BC.

From there, you do what the Argos and RedBlacks did. Win two games despite the odds, with the understanding that it will be a lot harder to pull off without a future Hall of Fame QB, which isn’t a dig on Masoli. He’s still a QB, but I don’t think anyone is saying he’s in a hall of fame consideration like Burris, Ray or even Mitchell.

Can’t argue with too much of that, but dammit i’m gonna try!

just kidding folks, but I will add to the first point and the second point.
-Masoli might just be so damn cocksure of his ridiculousness that he’s still willing to make bad throws and hope he can make some chicken salad out of …well… not chicken.
My friend once asked me why I never learned from any of his mistakes. The answer was obvious, he always got away with his nonsense.

-the fumble on the return felt like a real turning point in the game. Not his faultper se, but it seemed like it was the last straw and the team didn’t have anything left to give after seeing yet another obstacle to overcome.

You hit the nail on the head blackandgld I think some players need to take a seat right now namely Daly for Stephen and Capiciotti for Westerman . I think Neal and Tracey have provided zero pass rush as well to consider changes there. The dumping COleman to BC really hurt the pass rush. June Jones should have plugged in another import receiver like chad Owens instead of laussier

Lets just sign Sinkfield and go from there.

On the 99 yarder to Begelton, the corner was beaten deep so the halfback had to shift outside to help, leaving Begelton in the middle for Daly.

Faubert- Lussier knows the offence. At 6'1 212 , he blocks well. He is our back up punter and field goal kicker . He catches balls thrown his way. Owens rolled his ankle on day 1 of practice . Playing a limping, old, shortguy, over the kid who is healthy, makes little sense.

Pat Lynch (the limping, old, short guy)

I would love to debate your comments, but when you are right you are right!!! The team starts with the head coach and it's up to him to adjust everything during a game at any time...old NFL coaches have a very hard time changing things in a game to make a difference...this is a very fast game and the same is needed at the top!

The Oline can’t block marshmallows but we need an upgrade at DE? Masoli was running for his life all game again. It needs to be better. The Oline isn’t even close and it’s been that way for far too long.