What Did The Original Tiger-Cats Jersey Look Like?

As we all know, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats were formed in 1950 when the Tigers and Wildcats merged together to form one football team for Hamilton. What were the colours used in the original jersey for the Ticats in 1950?


So are you asking ? or do you already know ?

The reason I ask is that I found this dandy site of the history of CFL uniforms .

It even displays what uniforms they wore from game to game in each season .


Good find bobo82......unbeknownst to most fans those were the original colours. In 2006, when the 'Cats introduced their gold jerseys I was interviewed by Ken Peters regarding the fact that red was being used for the first time on a Ticats jersey. I told him that my Dad once told me the original jerseys had red on them but other people disputed that. Here was the exact response in Peters story: "Several long-time Cat observers say he (meaning me) has it wrong. The Wildcats employed red on their pants, but that colour never made it onto the Ticats jersey. Until now. Looks like my Dad knew what he was talking about.


'Pope's HTC/CFL historical info contributions have been a delight since day 1. Want to know who/what/where/why ? he's the man to talk to. No one comes close.


I've known about that website for a while now, but, they had not updated much of the CFL uniforms before 1955. It would be nice if they can go back further...

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Agreed. The man is a walking encyclopedia of TC knowledge.

Don’t lose your edge Pope. You’re the first guy I go to for historical questions.

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My Dad told me the Wildcats were the “red” team in town…red and blue. In fact, don’t know if you guys recall back in 2013, they wore Wildcat throwbacks, but they were red and black because they said they wanted no blue like the Argos…


Don’t think they plan on going back much more than 1950, MAYBE…I’d be happier if they would get done past 1980.


That was our wonderful owners idea…

Actual history was “off brand”…

If thats what happened, it’s a really weird thing to do.

Curious is this an error? To me it looks like Hamilton wearing red in 1950s era (red stripe + uniform numbers in red)


(btw for the Cats fans I am also so glad you ditched that 1960s star design…)

Yes, this is a total error. It’s just an artist’s conception of what a Ticats jersey was supposed to look like at the time. The only red on their jersey was on the shoulders which they wore for the 1950 season and for only one game in 1951.

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