What did the CFLPA Reps actually accomplish ?

As I look back over the facts and numbers of what has transpired with the agreement between the CFL Owners and Players Reps. And unless I am missing something , I don't really see anything of significance that this band of offensive linemen player Reps . Accomplished . Without them even in play I don't think the facts and figures would have been too much different .

  1. The player Reps. Settled for 5 million - Owners main offer not their posturing offer was 4.8million - a difference of 200,000
  2. The minimum salary has over the last several years always been about 1% of total cap - 1% of 5 million is 50,000. They did nothing for the Rank and File . There are a lot of players that make between 45,000 and 60,000 per yr, - we can now say the average CFL Salary will be $96,970 but that is not really true , a player making 55,000 last year may only make 56,000 this year - let's forget about the one time bonus - in this equation - usually it is the top 1/3 or about 15 players that will make 6 figure salaries - the rest will be still kept down by pressures put on by all teams to keep,the salary percentage structures the same .
  3. Only one practice per week with pads - mostly all teams if not all teams do that now and have been for years except for the exception where a team has a motivational or discipline problem then extra padded practices
  4. Max 6 hr practice days - any player who wants to maintain and grow and develop as an exceptional can't do without player spends much more time right now then 6 hrs per day - work outs - personal and team film work, personal and team practice time - the best players come in with the coaches very early in the morning and leave into the evening - they are professionals
    Not vacuum cleaner salesperson
  5. No more option years after you sign your 1st 1 and 1 contract. Sounds great after a player goes thru his 1st 2 yr stint he can now sign a 1 yr contract and then bam free agent big bucks !! Sounds great but - there is still a cap in play if a player thinks he will sign his next contract for 25,000 more - where is the money going to come from ? Easy another player will have to take a pay cut or players - to,accommodate this new found wealth by player A - it will be no different then now there will be a small number of players that hit a small jackpot on the free agent roulette wheel but not in mass numbers - there is no more salary cap for free agents - one players gain is another players loss or even worse his livelihood
  6. Ratify the agreement signing bonus - yeah - brain thrust of the player Reps? Not so certain if they had 1st demanded it or the owners had it as play . The owners were very bold to put out the golden carrot of the ratification bonus - true the Reps may have got it to increase - but a one time shot - here today gone tomorrow - it's great but again is this all the Reps bargained for ?
  7. 50,000 increase each yr to cap - wow !! The teams get an additional 1million dollars per year from TV moneys - every year from their TV contract and the players get 5% of it - great bargaining guys - the CFL Owners should hire you to protect their
    Gold - this does not take into,acct increase revenues from ticket sales - sponsorships , food and beverages. Parking, naming rights , luxury suites , merchandise . Grey Cup profits - etc , wow approx 1,000 per year for 50 players - the Reps should be ashamed of themselves - the Owners were offering this without the Player Reps even showing up
  8. I don't think there is any increase to playoff and grey cup teams share - again what a shame if their is no increase - I may have missed it - but the Player Reps silence here speaks volumes
  9. Player Reps would not stand up for independent Medical specialists to be at every game to over see concussion control and protect players - why ?? To costly ? Well maybe we could take the salaries from the Players Reps. All the union dues and put towards these safety measures instead .

I am just not sure if the final outcome would have been much different if there was no Player Reps . I just don't know if volunteer season ticket holders chosen from 9 teams could have done any worse for the players and you would not even have to send them to Florida to have brain storming and war strategy meetings at the pool -
We love our Canadian Football but I think we can see why there are players upset and heart broken - over their so called leaders - did they at least get the players another recess and potty break ?

Not much (maybe even less than that)

Great post Pressbox. :thup:
You illustrate just how poorly the players did during this negotiation. You also bring up a good point that the players didn't need an executive to negotiate such a crappy deal. They could have easily agreed to these ridiculous terms weeks ago (almost from the beginning actually). So this new TV money is done with and will be absorbed into the ole vague "football operations" entry on the balance sheet and disappear forever. By the next 5 years, the owners having gained yet another lump sum increase from even more TV money will again be crying poverty and this process will start over again. Hopefully by then the players will be smart enough to hire a professional executive, not former players looking for work after their careers end.

I understand what you are saying but that does not change the average

It will come from the same place it does now..Players get cut, retire, leave for free agency...the only thing that changed is it happens sooner

That increase is not guaranteed and if the TV revenue goes up, so does the cap over and above the 50K

I believe there is an increase in pre and post season pay..Not sure

reps(team reps) dont make a salary, they just dont pay dues. The executive comitte gets a slasry paid from union dues

They could have voted no...They said that 98% voted for a strike...If they accepted this contract, they are not all that heartbroken

The players got what they were ready to fight for. It was their fight and they had the owners in the cables and did not have the will to handle some personal loss to get their fair share. Not the fans problems.

But they did accomplish somtething. They took all the excuses away from these owners about franchises not making money. :wink:

They got the best deal they could get without a strike. That includes a boosted signing bonus, so every player is going home with bigger game cheques and extra cash in their pocket. There were also some off field benefit improvements, though exactly what isn't clear until we get the full CBA details.

Did they get what they wanted? Not even close. But a strike is only worth doing if you can get concessions through it to make up the money lost during the strike, and I think they came to the conclusion that they wouldn't be able to do that. So it was really about getting the most they could get without cancelling games.

The mistake the CFLPA made isn't in the deal they signed, it was in over promising what they could deliver in the first place.

How do you figure?

The average salary is skewed due to the top 2% of players who make in excess of $200,000 (and as high as $500,000) as the vast number of players make between $45-$60,000.

As far as I can tell, the got as much money as they could possibly get and the got rid of the option year.

The mean would better represent the wage structure.

The players didn't want a strike and that is to be commended.

The average is the average.
Take the total salary devided by the number of players and you have the average....
It doesnt matter how many make a million and how many make 50K
The average is the average

I do agree 100% with you; there is only one way to determine an average. Yes,there are definitely more players making below $60,000 or so than there are making $200,000 or more,but the average is the average.


I personally do not see this as one side winning or losing.
The CBA s what it is. Its negotiated.

I think from a players perspective the bonuses are a gain. I do not see that as a bribe.
I see the first two years as a good aggregate percentage gain.

I believe the CBA will be re-opened within 3 years as the league revenues should increase by more than 27 M in one of those years. That said I do not know what baseline revenue number they are starting with.

I do not believe that any group, especially players, are concerned about what past players gave up. Their goal is to ensure that their own position is enhanced. They got that and a strike would have been foolish.

Of course its not a bribe...Dont forget owners offered so much and the players asked for more

And that'd be why when doing this kind of analysis, a statistician wouldn't use the average. They'd use the median. When you have huge outliers, the average is skewed and has no value.

ro1313 - I dropped one of your posts form the above chain to fit within the 3 quotes limit; don't think it changes your point.

Average is a factual statistic. It sounds informative but actually tells us very little about the population from which it is calculated. The average salary of a $400K QB, a $200 OL, a $150K all-star and four $50K rookies is $135,000 but tells us little about how well off the majority of those players are.

As Earl said above, the "mean" would be a much more valuable stat as it represents the point at which half the population is above and half below the figure; it would be well below the CFL average.

Even better would be the actual distribution of salaries (how many at each salary) to see how well off most of the players are.

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Median is not much better but anyhow, we will never know until salaries are released

We can all take a look at percentages. However, the cfl stated that if the deal wasn't ratified they wouldn't lock out players and they would conduct business based on the previous agreement.
That means 2014 would have salary cap would have been at $4.4 million.
Players could still be signed with the team option.
Minimum salary would be $45k, amongst other things.

The new agreement has $5million salary cap.
No team option year contracts for veterans.
$50k minimum and CBA signing bonuses.

Yes, compared to the new moneys that the CFL has ,which hopefully the CFL uses on new marketing, CIS programs, stadium costs, video game, the deal doesn't look great.
Compared to what they had before it is better.

End of it, its more money in the pockets of players than there was before.

what source of revenues will the league get over the next 3-5 years that will increase each team’s revenue by $3M over the previous year?
there are only 2 ways i see the revenues taking a huge jump, and even that i’m not sure it will be enough to reach $27M;

  • selling off the Grey Cup naming rights.
  • renegotiating the TV deal early due to the addition of a 10th team, and thus a 5th weekly game to be televised.

the first one can happen at any time.
the second one will take more than 5 years to actually come to fruition, as we’ve seen how long it took Ottawa to go from conception to reality.