what did the cats want us to..

stay for at the end of the game. i left at half because i was really cold:P did anyone catch what the team wanted us to stick around for

THey just wanted to thank us for sticking by the team and to promise us a better 2008

It was just thank you Coming out this year

I feel scammed... it was supposed to be an "Unprecedented Announcement" from the players. Something "You cant miss".

Jason Farr, you lied, and now I hate you.

What happened with the helmet give away?

They threw 50 shirts into the crowd, whoever caught them got the players helmet that was on the shirt.

Cost cutting measure if you ask me
, a couple years ago they gave away many more prizes.

Boy... not so long ago I was the most positive poster and now I feel that lately I've been letting the side down. However...

The ending felt contrived. Did the players initiate it? It didn't feel like that. It felt like a P.R. move and like more of the sizzle without the steak. It was sad that people in the stands (where I had bought special box seats for my family for my birthday) were joking that all the announcement could be was: 1. We're sorry, 2. We'll do better, 3. You're great fans.
We didn't get the first and the latter two were entirely predictable.

Sorry management, but the production didn't work for me, my family, or those around us.
It just fed the rampant cynicism.

To the guys on the team that tried their best (and that's most of you), I hope that you walk away with some good memories in the midst of the bad year and I wish you well wherever you are next year and whatever you're doing.

you must admit

it took alot of balls to come out onto the field and tell everyone that there would be a hell of alot more wins in 2008 and this one was the beginning of more to come

they basically came out and promised us a winning season.

Yes, I hear you Jordan. The only problem is that it isn't the players that can really make that promise with any weight. It's management.

If Bob, or Scott Mitchell, or Desjardins or even Taafe had come on the field then the sense of it as an 'unprecidented announcement' would have been different.

My take anyway...
bedtime now.

Considering all the times we were told how important the announcement would be, it ended up to be rather lame. In our section, we too thought the announcement would be "We're really really sorry", or maybe even "We're going to lower the cost of beer next season", or "We're really going to study those rules on when and when not to give up single points". Those announcements would make sense.

Pretty normal for Bob Young! He likes making promises he doesnt keep. Maybe he wants out.Its going to be very interesting next year.Did you listen to the 5th quarter?One fan put it perfect, alot of these sport personas are apolisists who never say the truth about the ticats because they get thier tickets free.Dont forget we dont!

............my question is defina a winning season? Is it the lolely 9-9, 10-8?
I'm just not sure they're there yet. :cowboy:

I would love a 9-9 or 10-8 season right now! The last 3 years combined we have a whopping 12 wins. (BC won 14 this year alone.)

i’m not sure but i think i’ve heard something like that before.

LMAO Dont worry buddy we dont need your approval! LOL to much!

The helmets worn by the players cost $400 each.

400 x 50 = $20,000 Not at all cheap..

And dont forget, we did get the "free" Big Mac coupon on the back of every game day program this season: that's 10 free Big Macs, you know!.

I give full credit to Ray and Jesse for getting out there and saying what they said. I don't doubt their sincerity at all.

On another note if you want to see some great messages from the players click on Onknight's blog and watch the video. Great job Tom.

are you sure ?
I can go to the Riddell web site and purchase a NFL quality helmet for $143.17 us thats about $130 can after exchange that comes to $6500 or about 10 season tickets in one of the boxes
a drop in the bucket if you ask me

[url=http://www.riddell1.com/newsite/product_info.php?cPath=104_76&products_id=228]http://www.riddell1.com/newsite/product ... cts_id=228[/url]

also in my section one guy caught 3 shirts
if you are going to throw them into the crowd don't throw them in one place

Those are obviously replica helmets and not intended for actual game use. The pro quality helmets worn in games are around 400.