What did Johnny do to violate his contract?

He was let go in February. Literally, no details have made their way down south. I’m looking for facts. Thanks.

La raison serait qu’il aurait volontairement cessé de participer à ses consultations médicales obligatoires afin d’être libéré et ainsi de pouvoir signer dans l’AAFL.

Manziel is an unreliable arse. Now, can we close this thread or move it to “other sports…”.

Manziel is no longer an Alouette, nor is he in the CFL.

I just wanted the low-down from a reliable source - the Alouettes Forum. If what Lucas says is true, then perhaps the rumor has been substantiated. All the Alouettes said was the he had “contravened? on his contract. That’s not a term we use down here, do I looked it up. From what I can discern, it’s a “lawyer word? that was clearly used to severe the terms of his contract - but without a publicized reason.

Yea, I didn’t like how the league handled Johnny. I know that he agreed to the special terms but really, if he didn’t, they would not have let him play so it was duress. I just don’t believe in special cases for players. He should just be a player in the league like everyone else and bound by the same rules as everyone else. Duron Carter has personality issues up the yinyang. He doesn’t have any special behavior rules placed on him. The CFL did not treat Johnny fairly.

Duress is when you force someone do do something against their will … JM wanted to sign with a CFL team … in order to be able to do what he wanted conditions were put on a player with a history of issues … not unreasonable (IMO) … it would seem it was not just a matter of testing for banned substances but also testing to confirm he was taking the medication necessary to manage his bipolar/depression/disorder … it seems there were also mandatory medical visits (psychologist?).

I use “seem(s)” because there was never a formal report of the exact conditions (at least of which I am aware).

  1. Any issues he had had nothing to do with the CFL.

  2. Johnny never cheated at football.

  3. I’m sure that there are dozens and dozens of guys in the league on various meds for various conditions. If they go off of them the league does not care, nor should it. If it’s not a football injury, a player’s medical history is not the league’s business.

  4. As you confirm, there was no report on what specifically he transgressed. Why the lack of transparency? What is the league afraid of? They make special off field rules for ONE guy and can’t be up front about what they are? It smelled right from the get go and it still smells now.

In the end, the process was hardly unfair as Johnny Manziel got what he wanted. That is: playing for as long as he wanted in the CFL, not really changing his behavior, and then finally ditching the CFL even though his signed contract was for 2 years.

In my opinion: had the CFL game come easy for Manziel, he would have been in Canada for the 2019 season.

(1) & (2) irrelevant

(3) Bipolar disorder/depression is quite different from most other medical conditions … it was supposedly the root cause of substance abuse (for which other players are tested) and other behavioural issues that would have had his contract rejected by the CFL … apples and oranges

(4) I expect that confidentiality was a condition of the agreement … for both sides … seriously doubt that Manziel wants his dirty laundry aired in public … it couldimpact future opportunities.

1 and 2 are completely relevant.

As for 3, are you saying that there are no other players in the league with bipolar disorder or are at least not on any medications for that? That’s a rather ludicrous assumption. So why is he the ONLY one with such extra stipulations put upon him? Why are not all the other bipolar players also subject to these extra restrictions? Apples and APPLES.

4 I did think of that as a possible cause for confidentiality but it still does not explain why he required a special set of rules just for him.

Past history meant the CFL was not going to approve a contract for him … his free choice was to address their concerns with his past serious behaviour issues by agreeing to the restrictions … like it or not he was different because no other player in the cFL was going to have a camera crew following him at every possible opportunity … if his past behaviour had repeated the CFL would have looked like idiots for accepting him.

But we disagree and neither will convince the other … so Happy Fathers Day.

Duron didn’t assault a woman… That is the difference. I don’t think he should have been allowed in the league at all, that is where the exception was made and it should not have been.

Many players have assaulted women in their past. None have had special circumstances and extra rules contractually imposed upon them.

You are right. Ray Rice was not allowed at all with or without special extra rules.

They all should have, though.

These “special conditions” were to enable an exception for Manziel so they could allow him to play without looking like hypocrites. All that for a guy who didn’t want to be in Canada or the CFL and in my opinion “not right in the head”.

Yep, agreed. Very glad Johnny is gone.

In addition, I am very glad that his annoying fan club has departed from these forums.

Exactly HfxTC … but there was some rational … unlike other abusers, Manziel claimed his various issues were the result of his bipolar disorder and that it was addressed by his medical treatment,ent/regime … to the CFL compromised and allowed him back provided he would prove he was sticking to his treatment.