What did it cost the Riders?

What did it cost the Riders to overturn the Bracey fumble?

Were you dropped on your head as a small child?

S.uck it up and get over it already.

I could say the same to you. In fact, I think I will.....

S.uck it up and get over it already.

Did you drop your pacifier?

Nope. Move along now.

jm02, i think EE is a lil upset right now :stuck_out_tongue: he knows his team doesnt have a chance in hell of making the playoffs :lol: Toronto will finsh the job tommorrow :cowboy:

It cost SASK. better play in the clutch.

DANNY is now 2 for 9 in challenges this year.

Hardly a reffing fix.

CONGRATS to SASK. and instant replay for getting both calls right!

Now SASK. fans should vote for TORONTO Vs. EDMONTON this Sat.

EE is right. The Riders caught some breaks from the refs tonight. But over the years the Eskies have been by far the biggest recipients of referree gifts. Its only fitting that their streak should come to an end by getting screwed by the refs. LOL

Hold On... Plz dont say the riders got a lot of breaks from the refs... Tell me you saw on that 1 punt towards the beginning of the game when it was blatantly roughing thr kicker against Montreal? The ref was standing right beside the play and didnt throw the flag. That was disgusting, IMO. And the challenges were more clear than water. Matt D was clearly out of bounds. And 1 more thing, did u see when that Montreal player went down in the 4th quarter when there was about 6 minutes left in the game and on 3rd and 1 the dude goes down all of a sudden? Michael Jackson's nose is more real than that...

Suprise! suprise! another game of good officiating! Do you not love how good the refs are! :lol:

Basically it seems that it takes someone with a vested interest in either team to see their side of that fumble. What does it tell you that the referee was able to overturn 2 of his crew members with unobstructed views of the play? There has to be some explanation for this.

The truth is, the calls were horrible both ways. I haven't seen worse officiating since I was watching a little kids soccer game that I was the ref for. The shame is that the ref decided the game tonight.

No Comment! Oh what the heck! It seems it is a matter of opinion but it seems different fans each week have their turn to jump on the reffing in the CFL this year and I can not blame them. :lol:

Well be as at may, as terrible as the officiating was, and although I still blame them, the Al's had the ball in their hands at the end to put the game away. "All they had to do" was keep getting first downs at the end of the game to run the clock out.

kids, kids. let's pretend were all adults. it's just a football game. edmonton and sask are both longshots to win it all anyway

What kind of reasoning is that?

All they had to do is keep making first downs?
All any team has to do is keep making first downs all game long and they will always win!

....what bothers me...is how in hell....a ref. can be standing in relative proximity to a play....almost right on top of it...and somehow suffer from temporary blindness and get the call wrong....On the out-of-bounds call on Domiguez...the ref was looking right at the side-stripe...standing only feet away...and couldn't tell if the players foot was in-bounds or out.....I say its time to have a few zebras sent for eye examinations... 8) 8) :roll:

Pappa watch out! Did you know that Refs can not make mistakes. Now you are just complaining aren't you! What team is next to get the screw job done to them. Thats see Edmonton vs Toronto my guess Edmonton will get screwed in that one. Winnipeg vs Hamilton this one is easy Winnipeg will get the bad calls. Calgary vs BC that is another easy one but I let you guess that one. There is a pattern seem to be forming from George Blacks office! Must be flipping coins to see who they want to advacne! Snap oh I came out of my dream! :lol: But I would have to say BC and Toronto is their favorites lately! But both team are good enough to advance on their own so my theory means nothing.

When you consider what a CFL official gets paid (food stamps), you have to wonder sometimes what the motivation is.

im just waiting for my next nasty letter from George Black...for pointing out the obvious.. :oops: :lol: