What did I miss?

Yooooooooooooooooo !

How are you all doing, crazy bunch of football loving weirdos? Long time no see !

I am back, after being a sùcked in a vortex of time consuming events these past months (eh... we get the sùcking wherever we can), but the important thing is I am back.

So now, tell me: what did I miss?

Any posters got married together? Great new posters came along? Some notable others are lost at sea? Riders fans predicted they'd win the Grey Cup? (HA!) RedandWhite shaved? What about the mod's jet? Is it still there, up and running? Anybody lost weight? Any Ottawa fan still mourning?

Tell me everything. I missed you all...

The first pre season game happened today. Thats all that matters!

You didnt miss much.
A few new posters.
A few new bannings.
The mod jet is almost clean after the mess you and red made flying back from the Cup!
It should be ready to go for the season opener.

Hey 3rd and 10 welcome home! :lol: :lol:

Ducks won the Stanley

woo woo

…I thought the Belgium police had you in custody until July?..guess I can cancel my trip back abround to post your bail…P.S. you owe me $13,457 towards the jet fuel cost applied to my VISA to get us out of the Sudan…el Maraj has a bounty on our heads now you know…

…shaved and lost weight…

…welcome back bro, time to get hilarious now…

Welcome back biii ya tch :smiley:
You coming to the came thursday right :smiley:

absolutely nothing.

The CFL has not licensed a video game, and about 10 retards haven't figured out why as of yet.

The CFL has not expanded to some of the most absurd dark corners of the planet, and about 10 retards haven't figured out why as of yet.

Ottawa still does not have a sane potential owner ... and about a million retards in Ottawa, and about 10 here, haven't figured out why as of yet.

that basically sums up the last 5 months.


...yup, that pretty much does it Statik...oh, and the Riders are already the 2007 Grey Cup champions based on an internet poll....

Welcome back third, Statik and Red & White have summed it up pretty accurately.

I heading to Regina to watch the Grey Cup parade..... Theres no point in playing the 2007 season :roll:

...good to see ya back third....things haven't changed dramatically around here.....though i haven't heard...or seen any posts from Kanga for quite awhile... :lol: :lol:

I will tell you what you missed The riders are about to win the Grey CUp this year! That is what you missed!

Kent Austin is going to have some trouble coming outta the gates but it will all pull together before midseason.

Cup Bound! . . . again.

Sens lost the Cup! Boo-hoo! Still don't have a team in Ottawa!

Go Gades Go in 2010?
Go Sens Go! Eastern Conference Champs

BTW: when is the Virtual Grey Cup cranking up again?

Welcome back..

Turd, dahling! How've you been?

Summed up....the jerks are still jerks, the idiots are still idiots, and the cooler is still stocked.....

I think I like that synopsis best :slight_smile:

Can't believe the regular season is just around the corner and I'm itchin to watch the CFL back in action. Haven't been around for the offseason so don't mind me if I repeat anything any one has said on the boards.

I guess I can answer that as well as anyone.

It's all set; the spreadsheet is set up and ready to go. I'll be posting the "Virtual Grey Cup Challenge Week 1" thread BEFORE the final pre-season game. This will be the eighth edition of the popular contest.

Definitely feels good to be back posting again as well
Go Blue! Woo! 8)