What Did I Just Witness?

Dane Evans and Tim White take them from absolute bonehead status there the way it was looking with all the mistakes and them BOOM. I went from gutted to elated with complete surprise and shock. Tim White, was awesome today hanging onto the ball while absorbing huge hits. Hills hit abit of a bump tonight. Bull in a China shop and needs to hang onto the ball but a win in Calgary is a win you cannot complain about. Nice to shut Glen Suitor up is the bonus. Great job and what a win!


Go away


Timmy White saves the day ! But Coach O did make the wrong decision to go for that!!!


Grover, why don't you take a nice friendly hike?


Orlando was a football field length away from the unemployment line until lightning struck.


Our best 3 players at their position stepped up…

The timing couldn’t have been better!

Go get those RedBlacks and don’t take them lightly.


That was a decision based on a tired D, against the wind.
Why oh why go shotgun and hand it off with that distance.

I will have to rewatch but Johnson was embarassingly bad blocking on a Hills run play in the 4th. Think it might have been a 2nd and 3. HORRIBLE.
He did not have a good game.


Johnson was definitely off last night, completely whiffed on his guy there. I thought he did some decent blocking the previous game.

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Hard to explain how this can happen ain't it.
It certainly is not because Cowtown dressed second and third stringers and did not want to win, or that they were not playing hard is it.
Kudos to the Cats, they are a real threat to win.


Not necessarily a bad call. Hills seen open field to the right and tried to go for the big gain, but stumbled and tackled short. Had he followed the blocking to the left, he most likely gets the first down easy. Just my opinion. (the one replay from behind shows the O-line had a good push going on the left)


Steinauer’s logic is simple: whether by punt or turnover on downs, Calgary was going to wind up in scoring position with a considerable wind at their backs. In a must-win, playoff-like scenario, only converting on third-and-short would have helped his team.

“We didn’t call it not to get it,” he emphasized. “It was still going to be on the fence to hold them to a field goal anyway. There was no guarantee we were even going to get the ball back.”


The OLine was really solid against a very good Calgary D-Line. And I agree, they did have a good push to the left.
But that is why the shotgun makes even less sense. If Evans was under centre and they simply ran left they would have been fine.


I didn't like us going for it there. But even when they did...

The play call sucked.

We dodged a bullet, thanks to Woods.


And may I say what a splended evening of entertainment put on by the CFL last night.
Both games defined exactly what CFL football represents.

Have a NFL fan watch the game on Thursday, and then last nights games and there is no way with a straight face they can say the NFL game is better.


You know that if we would have punted from Domagala standing on his 10, they would have been in FG range. Completed a couple short passes and runs, run the clock to zero and kick. We have all seen that movie a thousand times.
Both options sucked.
While unconventional, it was probably a good decision.

I agree with Stein. However he says it was 1, it was 2. And despite him saying for 2 years that this team plays to win and rarely does, they actually did for a change.


As a long suffering Chicago Bears fan...I have to agree. The Bears currently resemble a bad JV team on Offence...

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Ha, I quit watching when Calgary went up with a few minutes left, "well this game is over" then I came here...'what do you mean they won?', check the score and WTF. :grinning:

Don't say that in public in the wrong place in Hamilton... You might get arrested.

It was a bone-head call...Evans could have walked around the left side or tossed it to the side line for a very easy 1st down...Condell is the problem , always have been & always will be...we got lucky...just remember his calls in the 1st half..ha..ha..

And don't dump a truckload of manure on Paul McCallum's front lawn.