What did he do?

Was it ever reported what exactly Williams [B.C. Lions] did to the Winnipeg player that got Williams ejected from Sunday's Winnipeg/Lions game? Was it every captured on film? Just curious.

Haven't seen or heard, but my guess would be from thehand motions of the coaching staff on the sidelines, I'm guessing Williams threw a hamhock sized fist into the lower regions of a certain Bomber. Knocking the "wind" out of him.

From what i gather nobody on TSN caught in on film, because it was far away from play . But from what i heard from the broadcast he may have been punched in the throat.

Some other questions go unanswered also. What did Khan do to provoke this? Someone just does not unload on a person for nothing. Not saying its right to retaliate, usually that person gets caught. Probably he should have just walked away...but in the heat of the moment....
Also, how much of that was an acting job by Khan, or was he actually hurting that much? Maybe the latter, as Williams was already thrown out and Khan was still squirming on the ground.
B.C. payed for it, the game is over, and hopefully we don't see this again.

For what its worth I read online that Williams punched Ibrahim Kahn under the shoulder pads, near the solar plexis, a potentially lethal punch. As a previous post asked, you have to wonder what provoked Williams to do this, something he hasn't done in previous games. Was Kahn was chopping or cutting him and it wasn't being called? That has been a problem with the Bombers in the past.

Regardless of Williams' motives, that sort of behaviour can't be tolerated and the refs were correct to toss him. I wonder if the league will follow up and fine/suspend him for a game because of this.


Williams said that he went down while going for the ball , Khan pushing him face first into the ground . Then when he started getting up , while he was on his hands and knees , Khan came down doing an elbow smash on the back of William's neck and then followed up with a knee to the butt . All dirty stuff that went undetected by the refs . So Williams said he got up and let Khan have it . And judging by the pain Khan was in , he won't do that stuff to Williams again . I suspect other o-linemen will take note and think twice before they push Williams buttons to hard too .Prior to Williams version coming out in the Province , many a Lion fan was asking what provoked it , because no player lays out another like that for no reason what so ever . It had to be a retaliation thing .
No you don't want players taking penalties that hurt your team , but I think in the long run it will give the BC D respect from other would be cheap shot artists down the road .

Suspend ? No. Maybe a fine , but really he was already kicked out , should be a done deal . Even Khan afterward himself said that that sort of thing happens all the time in the trenches , punches get thrown among lots of other stuff , and that it's really no big deal .

Thanks pennw. I would love to have seen it on video.

haven't had so much fun since Rob Murphy used to bully opposing 350# defensive linemen by pinning them down by the neck like rag dolls - its just like the good old days!