What did Canadian Footbal Look Like in 1923?

Most Canadian students and youths prefer the NDP and NFL, but as they gain knowledge and experience they normally gravitate towards the Conservatives and CFL.

It is vital the CFL finds a way to counteract the 4-downers indoctrinating our youth:
NFL Ontario bound!


After three weeks in the football hotbeds of Quebec, the NFL on Campus interactive tour enters Ontario.
In total the National Football League is visiting nine university campuses in Ontario and Quebec this fall to support and celebrate Canadian University (CIS) football.


NFL to support Canadian universities


No, those aren't Eskimos sweaters. The NFL came back in 2014 "visiting" even more Canadian universities, upping their donation to $5,000. Big deal. Here is the story from 2013:

[url=http://canada.nfl.com/2013/07/30/nfl-to-support-canadian-universities/]http://canada.nfl.com/2013/07/30/nfl-to ... versities/[/url]