What danger have you faced.

anyone ever had loaded gun(s) pointed at them intentionally by someone who wasn’t kidding around?

have you come face to face with a dangerous and lethal wild animal?

have you ever been in a serious car crash where you saw it coming and thought you were dead?


A 14 year old Johnny was once cornered and bit by an angry German Shepherd. Will never forget it!

One time two of us were in a motel and we were on the second floor right by exterior stairs. We got a phone call to open the door, turn away from the stairs and put our hands up on the walls. I looked out the nearest window and saw about 4 officers with guns pointing at the door and then open the door to find another 2 doing the same. We were of course not who they were looking for but glad they didn’t have itchy trigger fingers. Wasn’t scared much because I knew we had done nothing but a weird experience just the same.

Besides every time I got on a 400 series in highway in Ontario or any road for that matter, I have had two major heart surgeries. Do they count ?

I have witnessed many serious car crashes.

One time a buddy and myself went to the dump to shoot rats with 22s. As we crested the hill on our bellies we came face to face with a black bear rummaging. The bear looked at us. We both froze and I whispered to my friend " Slowly back away, don’t run !" I turned to look at him and realized i was talking to myself… He was already 50 yards away at a full gallop. ;D

It’s my wife that provides the most danger in my life that gets me scared crapless at times. :wink:

Well …I’ve probably forgotten some of the close calls and was thankful maybe I had some angel around.

The number of close calls for serious car crashes have been numerous in all my years of driving including in Metro Washington DC, Philadelphia (where I live now and work though my commute avoids the hazardous freeways and center city), Tampa Bay, Atlanta, and Las Vegas.

One episode in Las Vegas comes to mind at the very least.

One night at work, a gentleman with whom I spoke casually turned out to be a mentally ill patient. He surrendered to me, without any expectation or request, a large knife to me before checking into a hospital for care.

I was armed with a firearm, but in that sort of situation something can trigger (no pun intended) such a person in an instant because they are ill.

I learned so much from that event about how to try to work to help even people in great difficulty yet to always be on guard.

Closest for me was probably on the 403 in Hamilton doing a little over 100 km/hr - when out of nowhere a truck going the other direction spun out of control smashed through the barriers and grass median sliding across in front of me. To this day I don’t know how I missed hitting it.

Also thinking how the danger faced by some patients in the province of Ontario could be avoided with proper use of technology, see below. I haven’t faced this myself but I know others are concerned with the dangers of medical practice that we have little control over with gov’t policies. This is real danger when your life is involved!

A Sudbury doctor is concerned a sophisticated new scanner being installed at Health Sciences North won’t be used to its full potential. David Webster, a nuclear medicine physician, says the pricey, state-of-the-art unit — capable of performing both positron emission tomography (PET) imaging and computed tomography (CT) scans — will do far more of the latter, robbing many patients of potentially life-saving diagnoses.

One day at a summer camp in my early teens, we were on a hike and two of us wandered off. We came to the top a steep ravine with a creek. At the time it seems like many stories high. The was a long loglaying across the creek and the other guy was fearless. He scampered across and then took off and left me. I crawled out about halfway before I froze. Must have stayed that way for a very long time. Then slowly I inched my way the rest of the way. Oh what a relief it was to get safe to the other side.

Similar event. A couple of years later I was at a summer camp and we had gone hiking up a creek. I got bored with just basically hanging around where we got to, so I decided to go back. Put way down the creek I figured I would take a short cut up and over the mountain hills. I cam to a bit of a cliff about 30 feet high I think. It was many times my height anyhow. So I start climbing and I am most of the way up when I realize that the only next place to grab with my hand was moss covered. I was afraid it would give way. There was no going back down for this amature. So once again I froze for like half an hr or more, at least it seemed that long. Finally I took a chance to leap and grab a place past the moss. It worked. I lived.