What Damon Allen is NOT


Not yet , anyway.

I think he is referring to his age, HT :lol:

:lol: :lol: :lol:

But what Damon Allen IS, is out for 4 to 6 weeks. That's what they just said on TSN. He has a broken middle finger on his throwing hand.

I’m hearing 8-12 weeks with a broken hand as well…


I heard that as well. I was at the game. :rockin:

man, breaking you middle finger, that has to be bad, espeacily in football, how are you going to show the other fans in the other cities that there team is still the #1 in the league??? :lol:

back from the game....good for sperg.

VERY disappointing 27,000 there...less than last years home opener...wtf happened?

i got on tv, along with my cousin...i had a sign that read, 'real men dont need a 4th down', and my cousin had one that said, ricky will neuter the ticats.

There was more their than that.

Excerpt from the recap article:

"The loud but disappointing Rogers Centre gathering of 27,689 had barely got into their seats when Allen, the CFL's outstanding player last year, suffered a right hand injury on Toronto's third play. Allen was hit late by Hamilton safety Wayne Shaw, who was penalized on the play."

This is a great starting point though. The level of which Toronto played is something that will bring the fans back.


this is disappointing considering the argos started last year with 30K and finished with 40 and 45K

They are wrong and I was at the game.

They were many people in the 500 level on both sides and most of the lower bowls were almost sold out.

The ARGOS don’t sell the 500 level if the lower levels are not almost sold out.

Still , it was more than MONTREAL gets on average. :lol:

AND it was great to see our back up Q.B. beat HAMILTON.


Yes I was there and the announced crowd size was disapointing.
I also thought because most of the lower bowl sections were nearly sold out, how there were 33,000-35,000 on hand.

I don't think that people thought that RW would do so well, now they know, they will come.

and that is over 27,000.

If Wynn plays like he did today for the next 4-6 weeks while DA is out, he has a good chance of taking the starting role from DA IMO... leaving Warren Moon the best quarterback of all time. :smiley:

Allen can come back a break that record in 12 weeks, Wynn will be the starter for TO after Allen retires.

I can bet that 27,689 was paid attendance, while 3 to 4k were freebies. Hey, considering the mid 1990's to 2003, I would not consider this disappointing. Last years home opener was a Grey Cup celebration, with a 2004 Grey Cup mini banner give-a-way.

To consider 27,689 as disappointing in Toronto, I would take that as a good thing.

I didn’t think so. While primarily full, there was a considerable amount of empty seats in levels 1 and 2,