what da heck, New Years Eve predictions - sort of

for 2018 season





cup goes west.

Way to early for predictions , as we do not know what changes will take place.

Mostly FA's .

I would say that it will be very difficult for an East team to come West and win.

I suggest that the West champ will win the Cup.

I will not make any further predictions. I SUCK.

At the start of 2017 , I predicted a BC - Hamilton Grey Cup.

I could not have been more off.

No predictions, but I am giving up :

  1. Worry
  2. Sugar
  3. Potato Chips

in 2018. Wish me luck!

Predict that in 2018 Halifax will be awarded a CFL conditional expansion franchise starting in 2022.

The 2018 Grey Cup will again be Toronto VS Calgary. Calgary will lose again... Dickenson will then be fired.

Not a prediction, but a wish. Vince Young must attempt another comeback with the Riders! Johnny Manziel must sign with the Ticats.

It would be the greatest offseason ever! ;D

There would be a record breaking number of locked threads.

Just look at Manziel, he's in great football shape!

Manzini (aka Manziel) = Tall Justin Bieber - w/ not quite as defined tat work!


There's one i like. Strong possibility as well.

Grey Cup 2025 in Halifax would sell out tomorrow.

Swap Winnipeg and BC. Bombers are not a 12 win team.

Surprised you see Calgary fading. Seems a job undone in the works to some.

You are not calling a crossover. I don't think there will be one. Two western teams missing out. Egad!

Really hoping Montreal can get the program back on track. Montreal is an important part of the CFL.

For the record I will say BC has a strong year and a moderate resurgence of fan support becomes reality in the second half. Upper deck remains closed.

Toronto builds on 2017 but does not repeat.

When does the CFL season start? I'm getting withdrawal symptoms already. 8)

Good luck Kevin! But Johnny could NEVER give up sugar! :slight_smile:

So this is what the best quarterback in CFL history looks like.

Ya know what Shania would say if she saw him

My New Year's Prediction is that I'll light my side burner sometime this year.

Riders will win 11 games.

Shania would actually say 2 things:

"That don't impress me much"

"Don't be stupid"

Of course, Manziel won't listen to the second one...