what could we get if we traded Lumsden's rights?

Not much, I'm thinking.

Every GM in the league knows that this kid's ego is bigger than his talent, and that he won't ever be happy playing in the CFL.

Would you trade anything to Hamilton for a player who you knew would bolt your team the moment another NFL tryout presented itself?

He will be back in the CFL sooner than you think. Its a dream of his but sadly the Canadian College Football does not compare the the US College version. As soon as he realizes that his real potential is the CFL he will have a great career here.

No need to trade, you hold on to your assett's not get rid of them.You cant Jesse for trying the NFL but reality will set in for him soon. Trade Ranek to Ottawa next year (hopefully) or cut him and sign Jesse to a long term contract.

WOW,WOW ,WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I see the jealousy of Jesse Lumsden continues.So I guess Jesse is the only player to try out for the NFL.Didn't we just get Hill and Woodard back from NFL tryouts.I guess we should trade them too.Why is it that he has an ego?He's a kid trying to live out his dream.
I hope the ti-cats do trade him so I can laugh at all you people who are jealous of his talents,when he comes back to play us and runs all over us.
You go ask any player in the dressing room if they could have a shot at the NFL if they would take it.I guarantee you every player would say yes..
So all you people who are jealous of a player who is trying to better himself go cheer for a differnt team,because you have no clue how sports work.

Great post Todking , i think it`s a Canadian thing where some dont want our own to do well in the US . WHY, i dont know , but jesse is gonna do what he wants and Im behind him 100 percent .

i still dont understand why this guy is so cocky? putting up numbers at MAc has nothing to do with pro-football, this guy was playing against players that had no aspirations of playing pro-football like the guys in ncaa.

here we go again. listen everyone wants him to do well. we just want realistic expectations. i watched jesse exploits and cheered him on because he is canadian. i did the same Ray Thomas when he was with the Buffalo Bills. theres a kid that went to the combine and is from hamilton. ( i wish we could have used him better) point is i dont think its a jealousy thing i think its a matter of keeping jesse shot and ability in perspective. anyways we would be foolish to trade jesse sign him to a long term contract i m sure he is ready to start a career in teh cfl.

Well first of all I dont think Jesse is cocky.Why do you think he's cocky.Sure he put up good numbers at Mac.
If you remember correctly at the East West shrine bowl last year I believe he had 6 carries for 55yds.That was against NCAA players.

He also made it to the last week of NFL cuts 2 years in a row.Thats something to be proud of.....

Stop being so jealous of a guy trying to live out his dream......

dude he didnt make it to the last cuts he was cut basically first chance they got both years...last year in seattle he never touched the field. and this year he was hurt for a game ( cant cut you when your hurt) and then cut a week before final cuts. but this is what i mean by hyping it up. lets keep it real. im not diminishing the honor it is just to get invited but he didnt make much of a splash. in two preseasons he had a total of maybe one minute. so i think that speaks for itself

I think being invited every year for a tryout speaks for itself DUDE.If they cut him first chance they got he would of been gone a month ago.......

first chance in preseason. mandatory cutdown dates. just disputing the your comment about him making it to final cuts dude. (by the way did that offend?? get over it.)

Yup, if there's a chance a guy might not make it then don't try.

I'm going to go out on a limb here NWO, your not a motivational speaker are you?

People exceed their own and others expectations every day.

who said dont try. he should be proud of his accomplishments. im just putting it in perspective and not buying the bleeding jesse fans that think he walks on water and believe he got ripped off because of politics.

by the way canuck that post made no sense and i dont really know what arguement you r making except with yourself?

hold his rights and trade them to Ottawa when they start up

Im not offended,just laughing my _ _ _ off at the jealousy of one mans attempt to better himself.

Just because you don't understand something doesn't mean it doesnt make sense.

I get the impression there's more than a few things you don't get.

where is the jealousy? i thought we were having a discussion. am i jealous because i dont agree with you and then correct you when you make irrational and incorrect statements.

look i guess im fighting a losing battle here because you really dont have all the tools to have a discussion or understand a persons post. i understand your statement but have no idea how it pertains to me. it makes no sense when following the posted discussions. maybe you had that idea in your head and really wanted to post it but didnt know when. i understand if thats the case but you picked the wrong time and thread. anyways dont get down on yourself. its probably not your fault.

the jealousy statement wasn't aimed at you.....
what irrational and incorrect statements have I made.
All ive said is jesse is a great talent who any team in the CFL would love to have...