What could have been

So whats the deal with the down play of our new stadium? No grand design but just the basics eh.... makes me feel sick to my stomach. Don't get me wrong, I love the fact we are getting a new place to play. It just re-hashed and added new fuel to the fire we dealt with over site issues, city counsel and the Ticats. I hate to say it but.. "what could have been....." http://www.thespec.com/news/local/artic ... um-design#

Then we have our second favorite team with this, knock your socks off beautiful stadium!! They must have the right location right? Congatulations and way to go City of Winnipeg!! Enjoy!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfsknES8Kis

Please be careful, my friend. I expressed mild dissatisfaction with the stadium design on these pages when the plans were released and received quite a lot of negativity in return. I guess that, for some people, design elements don't mean much. I can understand that. And I also understand full well the need to keep costs down. I'm a pretty frugal guy.

It just seems that the whole Pan-Am games driven process - lacking significantly higher dollar inputs from other sectors and driven to the wall by location issues - has resulted in the selection of (as noted) a design-build process that is pretty utilitarian and stark.

And if you disagree, please don't attack people for dreaming what could have been as long as they don't attack you.

Thanks Mark for the backing!! Like i said, its not that i don't appreciate all that's been going on with our stadium. I really do and I know I'll love it come time. Its the mess that got us here in the first place and to me, that took a lot of wind out of our (Hamilton) sails as far as getting what we really deserved...

I agree with the one architect who said why didn't they dig down and put an underground parking lot? They are putting in an underground parking lot in Ottawa, you can get more cars in a small area and it's underground so you don't see it.
In Ottawa it was important to have the new south side stand that backs on to the canal to be a design that blends into the upscale neighborhood the exterior design was important.
In Hamilton it was "who cares what the exterior looks like" we just need a nice stadium on the inside. I do wonder why the stands are going to be straight and not curved, that must be a space issue, probably not enough room even with the east/west configuration.
But the important thing is that there will be a new stadium with decent seats, restaurants, concessions and it's long overdue.

Money ...................who is prepared to give up some money to add the bells and whisles?

I absolutely love the design especially the openness of it, it couldn't be better for the money available IMHO. :thup:

While obviously a much larger project for an NFL stadium, consider Minnesota and their new stadium ideas. I really like the fact that an open-air design really does allow for easier reno's down the road. I know they are speaking of open-air in the context of a fixed roof design rather than perhaps a true open-air stadium without awning and such but the flexibility issue still remains I think, the more open and less roofed like ie. roof, awnings etc. the easier it is for reno's if need be, and cheaper:

For Minnesota and the Vikings, an Open-Air Stadium Just Makes Sense

Now, consider that upkeep on open-air stadiums is substantially less expensive than on roofed facilities.
Consider also that the Vikings are likely to demand modernization of their facility in another 20 to 30 years, and while roofless stadiums can be expanded and renovated, roofed stadiums generally need to be replaced completely.

[url=http://bleacherreport.com/articles/606625-for-minnesota-and-the-vikings-an-open-air-stadium-just-makes-sense]http://bleacherreport.com/articles/6066 ... akes-sense[/url]

The stadium is just fine for the area, people that drive a old Chevrolet and want a BMW. :roll: your lucky you got a car :wink:

The one thing I took away from what the architects said in that article is basically reaffirming the already well established main criticism.

Basically, " A stadium is not suited for that area"

Certainly not the best site for a stadium to generate money for the city, that I will agree with. Confederation Park or East Mountain would have been the top sites for that or Aldershot even more, if something could have been worked out with Burlington, since this could have allowed for a larger facility down the road if need be with what the fans indicated they wanted in the surveys, highway accessible and lots of onsite parking.

But such is life. The city wasn't interested in generating the most money it could have with this project, so it seems and that was their choice.

I must compare the design of our new stadium to those of others in the CFL and in doing so, I find that our design
doesn't knock me off my feet. In fact, I don't care for it that much in that we, in Hamilton, are getting the bare
essentials and nothing more.
I hope that the constructional design allows for future upgrades like more seats, a roof of types and upgrades to the
exterior design which does nothing for me at all. Not when I compare it to ALL the others.
The location is poor since it doesn't allow for adequate parking, but I think the city should find the $5 million or to build
parking facilities below ground. The location is also poor because none of us expected to be back in the same old
neighbourhood, a neighbourhood which doesn't allow for noisy shows during the evening hours.
I know the seats are supposed to be wider, which I suppose is a good thing, but I'd be more interested in leg room.
It would be great if people could pass by with their pizza, beer, etc. and not have to step on the toes of us trying
to enjoy the game.
All of this being said, I'll go to this facility anyway (by bus) and hope for an enjoyable experience.
Being a Hamiltonian, and based on our history here,I have every expectation that I will be let down.
Hope I'm wrong.

To each his own the project just did not include enough money for the Cosmetic fancy look. It does however have all the important Amenities in place. Corporate/Luxury suites and club boxes. Super sized modern seats. Plenty of room for the flow of fan traffic. Large open area at the Main entrance and end zone of the stadium. Plenty of space in that are to add seats temporary, seasonal, or permanent. A double decker patio in the opposite end zone to stretch your legs, sit and have a drink, use for standing room ticket sales. So all in all not to bad. The location does not make much sense but I was not the one shellying out the bucks

one thing I haven't seen mentioned a lot is the location of entrances/exits to and from the seats...I hope they aren't located at the bottom of the lower sections. Most new stadiums have them located at the back or top of the lower levels, taking foot traffic away from the actions helping minimizing the blocking of peoples views.

Moonbase001, I actually posted the same thing as you are when the new stadium design was revealed and even posted the same link to the Winnipeg stadium video. So you definitely have support in your views. I think the Winnipeg design is what most of us were expecting for the new Ivor Wynne. Winnipeg got an architecturally beautiful and modern looking new facility but Hamilton always ends up with something sub par. Sure our new stadium will smell of fresh new paint and have cushy seats but there's nothing progressive or forward thinking when it comes to Hamilton. Come to think of it the new stadium design is actually fitting since that is how everything else in Hamilton evolves.

I think the new stadium is awesome :thup: It's Hamilton not Toronto :roll:

Check it out again, it probably been a while moonbase and you have forgot and you need a refesher !


It seems that all the people that make decisions feel the new stadium is all Hamilton does deserve.

Yes you are right, seeing the video you realize the stadium is impressive. I think people are getting carried away with the fact that the Upper part of the stadium has exposed beams and looks like the old stadium but the lower part of the stadium is not exposed and looks great. It looks roomy and is going to feel and look much bigger than the old stadium.

I think people are going to be surprised to see that the stadium will be a lot bigger than the old stadium.

3 beefs

Seating capacity
Structure's "old", minor league look - basic 2 grand stands with wide open endzones

Having the wide open ends kills the intimate feeling and represents, at least to me, a step back in stadium designs like the old Saskatchewan and Winnipeg stadia that they, and everyone else, seems to be going away from.

I wish we were getting a 35,000 seat stadium with nice curvy stands, seats in the endzones, easy expansion possibilities, a bigger and better Tigervision, lots of corp boxes, superb concessions, a cool design and awesome architecture, more spaciousness but great intimacy and even better sightlines than IWS, located in Confed Park or some other excellent location with great access and tons of parking, and with major amenities sprouting up nearby. Oh yeah, I wish there was money for all this stuff too.

As someone said, (Voltaire I think) Let not the perfect be the enemy of the good.


"Good" would be good.