What Colour / # is Your Favourite Ticat Jersey

Hey Cat Nation.
Let's lighten things up a bit.

My Black 42 Hitchcock Jersey needs replacing and I'm curious about how the rest of you decide which Jersey to wear.

My own rules are: Controlling, gamebreaker, always (to me) a Classy TigerCat and a jersey that I'd be proud to wear even after they retire or leave.

My first Jersey was Black 26 Henley. Among the other blacks was a Zambiasi and my only white was a 9 Amerson. None of these will ever be 'out of style'.

I would get either Moreno or Cody.

How bout a new black GREY CUP 07 ?

I had a white "Earl the Pearl" jersey. Then my biceps became so massive, I had to cut the sleeves off.

To Quote Gold-member from Austin Powers

Black jerseys #4 Cody or #16 Moreno. Defense has to be mean looking.

Or a #28 Lumsden white.

Or maybe wait for a white #7 Chang jersey. Have to make sure he's here long enough and gets his chance.

I had a white Leafs Bill Barilko jersey but I hung it out on the line to dry while on a fishing trip and it disappeared that summer. I didn't get another until 1962.

I would love to get my paws on some of the old shirts with the stripes to the elbows. I have been looking for a few years now. Anyone know where I can get a blank one (not the roger edwards #66)?

If not...
Is anyone else interested in these if I were to find a company that would make a bunch?

if so pm me and I'll see what I can do.

I have the same problem. I need to replace my Black #42. I also am considering Moreno Cody and Lumsden.

Lumsden worries me because he is able to head back to an NFL camp next season. How long are Cody and Moreno under contract with us?

I am definately thinking going with the Gold. Those jerseys look sleek.



Cunny...You Bill Barilko sweater disappeared on a "Fishing trip" good one! Only us old farts would get that one.

i got a black #4 tay cody jersey a gold #3 holmes jersey and a white #5 yeast jersey

Old farts or fans of the Hip.

Is that the "Tragically Hip" or hip replacement? I also liked the reference to 1962, makes it even more arcane for those that don't know the story. And why is this posting so wide, the pics?

You can thank oski-oui-oui for the width.

Thanx for all the input!
Nice to know that so many think the same way...
I'm leaning towards a Gold Lumsden (can't see that ever going out of style), but I like the Moreno/Cody suggestions.

I just bought a Yellow #4 Cody jersey I love it.

You're welcome! LOL

Oski Mea Culpa,