what city has the most Knowledgeable Fans?

so, in your mind. what CFL city in Canada has the most "football Smart" fans in the league?

now if you're wondering ..

here are some examples.

fans knowing when to cheer, not having to be told to cheer or yell or make noise..

sitting around a group or section and hearing fans all over that know the rules, and when they discuss the game they really know what they're talking about!

I for one, would have to say that when it comes to knowledge and football smarts.. Saskatchewan fans are pretty smart!

I haven't been to every stadium and every city.. so I can't say for other places.

which is why I am creating this thread.

I cant see anything good coming from this thread lol.

No kidding...lol

I would have to say that Rider fans are the most knowledgeable but I have green goggles so I am not even going to include them


I'll throw a twist in here... is it the most knowledgeabe fans, as in the the largest number that are knowledgeable, or is it the city that regardless of the total number, knows the most. :wink:

lol. iunno i know me and my buddies i got my seasons with in bomber land are highly knowledgable. we love our top row seats because we love watching the play develope more so then the final result. and we love to discuss what we see. anything from error in qb reads to holding on the line, to a db getting roasted by a receiver.

so i say at least bomber wise we have some smart fans.

iunno bout rider fans alot of pride, but stand up sit down in the stands gets annoying to put up with. but i would think they have some knowledge. and i am sure that calgary fans are pretty knowledgeable.

We don't have enough pissing matches among fans... we need another?

I am the most knowledgeable fan.

I base this entirely on the fact that I never seem to disagree with myself about football . . .
. . . and I usually disagree with others about football.

I would say anybody who chooses to watch CFL over NFL is probably Knowledgeable enough about Football.

Yup another "I'm better than you are thread." :roll: :roll:

You'd think we were in a medical lab with all these urine samples! :roll: :roll:

Finally! The best post of this thread. Way to go Oilerrocker! :thup: :thup:

There are knowledgeable in every CFL city, I don't believe one team's fans know more or less than another city's fans. You have fans that know everything about the league and how it works. You have fans that have an interest in the league, but focus on their team of choice. You have fans that only know about their team, and know nothing about the other teams. You can find examples of this all over this board. No city has a monopoly on "knowledgeabe fans".

and unless you hand out tests at every stadium.....there is no way to back up any claim

hmmmm... if you fail the test, then you have to give up your season tickets?... :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: :lol:

that wouldn't be much of a penalty for some teams.....

I'd go with Saskatchewan first, then Edmonton. Just educated guesses since I've never been to either city.
Though am usually quite surprise with the knowledge of fans around me at Ivor Wynne -- we still have the propensity to do dumb stuff...like have a deafening 'wave' going around the stadium while our QB has the ball. But, that was a well lubricated Labour Day crowd...just got caught up in the moment, I think.