What cities should get new stadiums (and in what order)

Halifax lost a lot of my respect when they pulled their bid for the Commonwealth games. Too many freakin' old people who want a nice quiet retirement community instead of perhaps thinking of leaving future generations a positive legacy.

Halifax will shoot itself in the foot if they dont put that money toward a potential stadium.

amen, brother :slight_smile:

I guess we must remember that Nova Scotia is not a have Province. They don't have the tax base of our larger cities in Canada and probably not as much as London. They are used to the Federal Gov't footing the bill for them in most cases.
I don't know what the percentage of the cost of a sporting venue the Feds put up...but I think the local and Provincial Gov'ts have to put some cash up front to start the ball rolling so to speak.
That is where places like Halifax and Nova Scotia come up empty, there's no political will to put up a few million so the Federal Gov't can come in and make up the bulk of the differance.
There has been many hockey arenas built this way across the country in small towns. But the local municipalities have to raise some money at the start to make it happen.
From what I have read, Halifax seems to want the Provincial and mainly the Federal Gov'ts to foot all the bill, but it doesn't happen that way.

Where are these clowns http://www.mccain.com/index.htm or these http://www.irvingoil.com/ all Atlantic Canada needs is a little push from one these two and it can happen over night.

I'm not sure how weak you think Nova Scotia/New Brunswick are but their not feeble, no Alberta though, that is true.
Nova Scotia pop: 934K+ around 17 per square KM GPD(2005) 31.5B
Sask: 991K+ around 1.72 per Square KM GDP(2005) 42.5B
New brunswick: 750K 10.6 per square KM GDP(2005) 23.76B
Manitoba: 1.18M+, 1.8+ per square KM GDP(2005) 42B

For two small lil provinces they add up very nicely.
Now they both have a major issue of not having a really big City(Halifax is tops) they have alot of pop in a very small area.
Basicly all of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick(PEI too) can go to a Stadium.

If Nova Scotia + New Brunswick would team up then could get a stadium done fast, build it in Moncton(very close to the Border) they don't need an even partnership as Brunswick gets the Stadium, but just a partial one.

Moncton put up 15M
Nova Scotia put up 10M
New Brunswick put up 20M
Feds put up 40M
20-30M of Private Money

Total: 85M + 20-30M from Corporate sector.
105-115M$ stadium(more then enough for a 30-40K seat stadium a decent bit more)

the reason for both Provs being involved is it does benefit both Provs, you would expect a CFL team in Moncton or Halifax would hold their TC in the other province, there is also the bonus of a state of the art facility for CIS team(in both provinces), for High School Provincial games(providing they have them), ability to draw larger events(hopefully some concerts)

Construction can be a joint effort meaning Workers from the other prov can come to do part of the work(25% from Nova Scotia and 75% from new Brunswick).
Their only have not provinces if they decide to be, like Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
I doubt they can turn into Toronto anytime soon... I doubt they would want to, but they can be atleast to a part Have Provs.

Stupid question answer:

It is stadia. But stadiums is also correct.
Stadium is a Latin word, and stadia is the Latin plural.
But in common (modern) usage, stadiums is acceptable.
I prefer stadia myself, but do use both.

The Bank of Nova Scotia should take the lead and help build and fund the Halifax statdium. They are after named after the province and they are a CFL corporate sponsor (e.g., this website, TV ads during CFL games). Here in Ottawa the old Palladium/Corel Centre is now called Scotia Bank Place.

Sounds like you've got it all figured out. :slight_smile: But its not that simple.
I highly doubt that Nova Scotia would want to put money into a stadium in N.B. They don't even want to put money into a stadium in their own province.
But the reality is unless private money comes in to help build a stadium in Halifax it "ain't" going to happen.

ya, Stupid govs...
Dangit built it! BUILT IT!

If this tone from the left wing tree hugging politician is any indication and is pretty much the political tone across the board in the city itself , forget about Halifax.
It WILL NEVER happen.
So why don't we move on to Moncton whose mayor was really hot to trot at one time.

Several Mayors have been(Windsor being one) There just needs to be major moves from a non-CFL city to build a CFL quality Stadium(25K seats + 1K+ in luxury boxes)