What cities should get new stadiums (and in what order)

In what order should Canadian cities receive funding for new football stadiums?

Here's mine:

  1. Winnipeg -- They've got a good chunk of private money coming their way.
  2. Halifax -- They're making the most noise out of any potential expansion sites
  3. Quebec City -- Their current stadium is older than London's
  4. London -- Go Pikemen!
  5. Hamilton -- C'mon 100th Commonwealth Games, and there's talk that the current one may become dangerous soon.
  6. Regina -- While it's old, I haven't heard anyone question its safety.

With the exception of Winnipeg, we oughta put new stadiums in place that don't have them right now, since there are greater economic returns to putting a stadium where none currently exists than replacing older (but still usable) stadiums.

P.S. WARNING: STUPID QUESTION ALERT - It's "stadiums", right? I keep wanting to say "stadia". lol

other than QC or halifax:

winnipeg, hamilton, regina.

Winnipeg is the first on my list.
It looks like we are going to get a new stadium already but if for whatever reason we dont, I would like to see a major overhaul done to the East and West Lower side which were the origional sides of the stadium. The upper deck and end zones are fine the way they are.
With that said, I would also like to see the end zones complete the circle around the entire feild to complete the bowl look.

Hamitons IWS is a eye sore. It is the Ugliest stadium I have ever seen,lol. If however it works and the fans enjoy watching games there then there is no rush for a new one.

Saskatchewans is and has gone through many upgrades. It is one of the greatest stadiums to watch a game in. I would not change it for anything, but I would like to see them make it bigger.

Ottawa needs a overhaul because it has not been used for a while.

Montreal has a great plan and Molson stadium has been rebuild, upgraded, and the new expansion is already happening. It would be nice to see a sold out Big O once in a while too.

Calgary, Edmonton, BC, and Toronto are fine they way they are. As long as those cities are attracting over 30 000 fans per game or more, then they are fine.

Other then expansion of course.

Winnipeg, the Stadium looks pieced together, the Gaps in the north end of the Stadium between the grandstands, Safety issues apparently.
the fact fans are far away from the game(specificly north part but other parts aswell.

a New Stadium can have the Seats Closer as the Space is large between the field and Seats.
Concorses are Horrid, no Luxury Boxes(atleast ones meant to be luxury boxes)

(Hamilton) Ivor Wynne Due to it's player safety issues.
The only thing to say is it has a Unique design. the Grand Stands are actually seperated, no circulation by the looks of it.
That needs to be changed to perferably a fully Bowl or Horseshoe.
One with more Luxury Boxes would be good.

Taylor field is upgraded yet again, so it has no major need for a new Stadium.

Moncton or Halifax.

Quebec City

London or Windsor

For all those Cities It would be nice to see a 35K Seat Stadium, Full Bowl.

in which the first 30 rows are Premium Seating, after the 20th row a ring of Luxury Boxes/Party Suites and Above them another 25 Rows of Seating.
Also an upper deck of 30 Rows.

All this in a full Bowl.
18 Grand Stand Sections
4-6 Endzone Sections.

22 Sections of 55 Rows at 20 Seats per Section = 24,200 Seats.
with 44 luxury Boxes of 32 people that is another 1400 people.
25,600 So far.

The upper Deck could hold an extra 30 Rows, 22 Sections, 20 people per = 13,200 people

Total capacity: 38,800 people. this does not account for additional Sections in the upper Corners
Upper Deck Would be able to close off sections(mainly the 6-8 Sections furthest from the Center field area meaning 3.6K-4.8K) Lowering Capacity for Regular Season Games to 34K.

Season Tickets would only be available for the lower Bowl, Goal of course to get high amount of Lower bowl Season tickets, however that is skipping a few steps.

For Cities like Winnipeg/Hamilton a Stadium like this would be fully implemented(so with the 38-40K capacity)

For a City like London/Moncton/Halifax/Quebec City.

It would be implement in two phases.
Phase one is the 25.6K+ Lower Bowl
Phase two is the 13.2K+ upper deck

The Top of The Lower Bowls would have the Press Boxes and possibly a few Party Boxes(50 people each, 4 total)

a total of two concorses(one for the Lower Bowl and one for the upper Bowl) should be all that's needed.

For Grey cups, 38-40K permanent Seats is all that is needed, as minor Additional Seats should be able to get a stadium to 45K

Large Temp Seating kills great cup Profits with their added expenses.
Even 40K can work for a grey cup, As the Boxes/Suites would be a huge source of income.
10K per box or Suite = 480K$
150$ ticket average = 5.6M - 150$ average looks close to 2007 in Torontos average(150-200$) which is the same as the 2006 Grey cup in Winnipeg(tickets ranging from 95$-330$ most being 136$ and 250$)
total ticket Revenue = 6M+

I thought I was the most technical person on here until I met my freind barnes.
I actually like the end zones at Winnipeg stadium. I agree that they should fill in the gaps a little better.
And yes completed the bowl.
In addition to the luxury boxes and concourses, they would have to gut and rebuild the origional east and west lower stadiums to do so. It can be done easilly and I wish they did that a long time ago.
The new stadium whereever it may be is a better option.
I remember Winnipeg stadium when it had a additional chunk of seating at the south west side feild. It was a corner end zone that was replaced by the blue and gold room building. I wonder why they did that when they could have build the blue and gold room somewhere else.

I have never sat in the North end zone for a Bomber game, I did sit there many years back however when the goldeyes played there, so my memory of the view from the seating area isn't great, but the gaps are a big issue, but he problem is how far the north end zone is from the field.
15 feet up + 10 feet(?) away from the endzone.

the whole south/west bit was from what I hear a baseball grandstand back from the original construction of the stadium, They got knocked off in the 80's for the blue and gold room, which had few other options as it would have required being placed on the Bombers practice field.

But there is a problem, Winnipeg Stadium can't be fixed. lol, the seats are a major issue and IMO cost the Bombers upwards of 200K a Season(more likely 300-400K)
Simply because they stop fans from attending games or from purchasing high end seats.
Luxury Boxes also can't be just inserted to the current blue bomber stadium, that is around a 1M$ revenue hit yearly.

I have no doubt these problems could be fixed but(not contridiction listen) it would not work in the bombers time frame/costs.
Because the blue can't remodeling basicly if they can only get it half done by the time the new Season starts.
They also can't fix the current Seat issue without doing a major over-haul of both grandstands, which includes removing all the Seats somehow fixing the Spacing between rows.

The Bombers estimates to do this complete overhaul(so basicly every from fixing seats to 20 luxury boxes) at 30M$, this is a band-aid solution.
This gives the team 10 years basicly, but by 2020 the team would again be facing stadium issues.

Considering you only have a certain amount of space to work with in the current Canad Inns Stadium to imrpove.. Everything? it doesn't seem to work that well.
With Asper plans or just remodeling the current Canad Inns site Parking is a big issue, with St.B, Parking can be a non-issue as there is alot of space to build a 2 or 3 level parkade to hold up to 5K cars.
5K cars at 2.5 people per acre = 12.5K fans can drive and park at that parkade, having other parking further away(within a 1KM radius of the destination center)
that basicly means the entire Canada Packers site.
There would also be fans who bus it(either public bus it or Banjo Bus it) and those who walk.

What Locations in Hamilton would be better served for the Ticats Stadium? it is a 77 year old stadium, a new one should be talked about.

What is the Luxury Box situation in Hamilton?

I am still waiting to hear your oppinion on the land being contaminated at the Canada Packers site.
That was the reason why they never build condos there many years ago.

contaminated? by what barons?

It's either disolved or canads will have to clean it up?

I just wanted to know if you heard anything about it.
Contaminated from the years and years of factory usage.
Yes it has been a while, but I just recall a condo deal being stopped many years ago because of it.
I could be wrong though, that is why I am asking.

Winnipeg has the funding in place for a new stadium , so they should go ahead and build it. I think TF can used for a number of years to come, a few more upgrades and it should fine as the home for the Riders. Some(like argotom), should really visit Mosaic before making comments that its a "dump". If you want to see a eyesore, travel 45 mins west on the No 1 from Regina, and see the Civic Centre, the worst arena in Canada!

And in the meantime let's all pack our stadiums to create more of an argument for upgrading or building new ones! Keep the heat on. :thup:

I agree with you on that Earl.

Here's a question:

On average, how many days out of the year are McMahon, Commonwealth, Canad inns, Ivor Wynne, Frank Clair, and Moslon stadiums actually used? On average, how many events does each stadium hold each year?

Good question(you missed Taylor field)

Canad Inns, does get used Every week day from TC opening until the last game(except around away games) due to Bomber Practices.

Also there are:
-Never alone Social is it. 1 Away game fans can come to the stadium to watch it on the big screen.
-Bison Post-Season games(normally)
-City Championship games
Total of around 14 games + fan activity for practices(often hundreds of people I beleive)

There is nothing on the Bombers website about how often the Stadium gets rented out for non-Football events.
However it is up there.
Taylor Field had the Rolling stone concerts last year + all football events.(14 Games atleast)

Because one of the big objections i'm hearing from anti-stadium people is "It's never gonna get used"

It'd be nice to know how often the open air stadiums get used.

Well they can get used.(depending of course)

Commonwealth gets used alot, since it has the track + Real Grass.
They hold Track + Field events, International Soccer games + football.

The biggest thing is if the people operating the stadium make an effort to get it used.

Stadium quality also matters.
you take the big O vs. BC place.

Big O gets little use, vs. BC being Busy Busy.

BC tries to get it filled and isn't falling apart. main things.

Thats why I said in another post, with a Dome Stadium, you get all sorts of concerts and trade shows. My only complaint with dome stadiums is that they should have a re-tractable roof. On sunny days, let the sun shine in!

Article on how scared Halifax is to build a stadium:


Honestly, Halifax, I've never seen a more whiney media in my life. How can they honestly think an open-air 30K football stadium will turn into the Big Owe? Unbelievable...

Oh, and they keep talking about how Nova Scotia needs more smaller community-based facilities. That's funny, according to worldstadiums.com, Nova Scotia has one less facility than the entire province of Quebec.

So now that the BB will be negotiating with Mr. Asper, the issue of a domed stadium can be decided. Like some of us have been saying, same is mandatory in the Peg.
As for this thread, the other cities for sure are;


probably due to them not knowing what their talking about.
a CFL stadium needs to be 25-30K seats(although Als have only a 20K seat stadium and it was 17K when they moved there)

if they build a stadium in two phases:
Phase 1: Basic Seating + Luxury Boxes
Phase 2: Increased seating when attendance requires it.

That means Start with 25-30K, that won't turn into 1.5M, Winnipeg plans to build one of 40K seats that is partially covered for 120M.

One would think that a 25-30K seat stadium could be built for 80M.
A CFL team would do a good bit to help Halifax economicly, if it took off.

Taxes on Tickets, Taxes on Player Salaries, Taxes on Players who live year round in Halifax.

Taxes on Stadium construction?(that is around 1/6th return of initial money imput right there)

Dang hippies. and they don't even see how having a CFL team might make the rest of canada look at Halifax once in awhile.

Right now it's... oh the Maritimes.. their part of canada right?
instead it would be 18 times a year showcase of Halifax to atleast 400K canadians.(9 out of 18 a showcase of the city, other 9 is just the team which does hold the cities or area's name)