What changes would you make for next year?

Here is your chance, fellow Rider fans, to sound off on what changes you would make for next season.

I would release Bishop, and sign Durant. Then have a few QB in camp to see which ones are best suited to our team for the future. I would like to see an experienced QB come to town to help out the younger guys.
The next thing is I would change head coaches. Miller has made some questionable decisions all year long, and IMO, is not suited to be the HC. I would like to see Hall as the HC, and maybe have Estay as the defensive co-ordinator.

Keep Miller, and see what he can do after learning from a few mistakes and missing his top receivers most of the year. Add somebody to the D-Line who can get pressure on the QB. Find a way to improve our return game, I'm not sure if it's the guys returning who are the problem or the blocking but our lack of returns hurt us this year. Obviously we need to know who our QB is going to be. I'd love to bring in a vet and have some young QB's fight for top spot in training camp.
It's easy for me to say this, glad I'm not the GM because I'm not sure who's out there to fill these spots.

Release Bishop, sign Durant, look at aquiring Glenn, Bring in someone to help the D-line with the pass rush, Fire LaPolice.

Glenn? You have got to be kidding. We've had enough of these retread QB's. Our young guys have gotten valuable game experience this year and will be ready to compete for the starter role.

Likely Glenn, Joseph and Printers will be available. Take your pick.

D-line - we need a better D-line, out only good pass-rusher is Chick.
Linebackers and secondary- Good
Quarterback - Fire Drew Tate, we have too many quarterbacks. KEEP Bishop, and see how he does in training camp.
Runningback - Good
Fullback - Good
Recivers - Good

D-Line - needs a pass rush inadequate right now
QBs - dump Bishop at his age hes no longer a project ?
develop our own? Durant,Jyles and possibly Bell (dont know enough about him)Durant and Jyles have plenty of potential
but will have growing pains.
we also need a punter?
other that possibly the O-line the rest of the team looks good
(protect your QB at all costs and put the fear of god in theirs the war is won in the trenches )

I don't believe we need a punter, Boreham is doing fine. I think we do need to upgrade on the Dline as well, but with all the receivers, a trade could be an option of getting a good pass rusher. If Best and Shologan can push for jobs on the Oline next year, a couple of vets there could be used as trade bait as well to shore up positions where are weak.

Personally, I would change the broken legs...really, eight is somewhat excessive...

We need help on the d-line definitely.

We need a starting quarterback, I am sure we have seen enough of Durant or Jyles to say that either one of them should be annointed. Glenn likely isn't a good fit as he doesn't scramble, the riders need a scrambling qb.

As for other positions definitely special teams, Dressler was okay on punt returns but he sucked on kick-off returns. We need better blocking schemes and someone with break away skills like holmes or what's his name in toronto.

the o-line looks okay but a couple of them are getting a little long in the tooth and I don't think January and Best are the answers.

I had commented part way through the season that I was not impressed with our front 4. I would like to see improvement at that spot.
QB is going to be our major question mark next year. Bishop was unable to get the job done for us this year. I'm not so sure that Durant will be a consistent leader of this team, but really, what else is out there?

Printers - No thanks
Glenn - No thanks
Joseph - if he is available for a reasonable salary - sure. Not saying make him # 1, but give him the option of earning the job through training camp.

Fire Hopson. Hire Mikejth as president. Mike can do this. Fire Miller and Tillman. Bring back Shivers and Barrett. Riders can go 9 and 9 every year. Mike will tell us that Riders are better. 9 is better than 12. Mike was happy with 9 wins. But 12 and 12 and he is mad. Make Mike the president. That would be the best change.

Austin it is very simple who do you blame for the embrassment that happened at Taylor field on Saturday besides Bishop....who created this mess.

To bad Riders got a home playoff game. It was better when that NEVER happened. Right Mike?

...can't answer Mike's question, or don't want to?

The Riders qbs are not good enough. If Riders paid Joseph 400 they lose other good players. Dont win 12. That is my answer.
And I blame Miller for keeping Bishop in for the 2nd half. That was dumb.

Sorry, but that isn't answering the question. Saying someone is responsible for the last half of the last game of the season doesn't quite cut it.

You want to ask me a question. I will ask you 1. Tell me last time Riders won 12 games and 12 games in 2 years? Last time Riders had a home playoff game before Austin and Tillman came to Regina? Cant answer that or dont want to?

Austin what you fail to realize is getting the playoff game was a bonus for playing good during the regular season. It helps the teams bottom line and it gives the fans some bragging rights. Would I perfer a 9-9 season with two play off games to an embrassment at home, you bet.....the chance to get to cup is always better then having no chance. Don't you agree?

Can you count to 12? And when was the last time you had to before Austin?

Who goes to keep Joseph? Tell us.