What changes should be made?

With the current situation we have - what personnel changes should the Bombers be making?

Have we underestimated the loss of Kyries Hebert and Andrew Green and to a lesser extent Juran Bolden(lesser because he did not play as many games)?

At some point in the very near future (a loss to Hamilton at home) when do you say we are done for this season and look to rebuilding and reloading for next?

Can you say NFL airlift. This team needs a wake up call. The coach needs to send a message with the release of a player or two. Sitting down Glenn put a spark into the team and this might be the thing that would jolt this team into playing some football.

Glenn should have his head out of his azz by now, that in itself will help. And it was no secret that more than a few players wanted Dinwiddie and the OC out of there. Now we shall see.

[quote="buffalo1"]With the current situation we have - what personnel changes should the Bombers be making?


Over the past two games, the defense has really elevated its level of play. If not for the inept offense, the Bombers could have won against both Montreal and Toronto. I don't think you change anything on D.

On offense, if I were GM, I'd fire Cartwright, give the O.C. responsibility to Berry, and allow Glenn more control over his playcalling. I'd try to run Roberts in more creative ways instead of just running him between the tackles all day long. And I'd try to get Derick Armstrong more involved in the game. He is a great receiver who can break a game wide open if given the opportunity.

Honestly, what is everybody else waiting for I ask. I ask why are people so blind??? It's really the failed advocacy to remove the emperor from Maroons Rd., that is an embarassment to each and every of our great fans.