What Changes need to be made?

Lions have now dropped 4 in a row. During the last 3 games they've played well enough to win but have been unable to finish off the opposition.

The Eskies organization has just fired the GM though the Esks won their last game. Coach Richie Hall looked like he'd just had the best bowel movement of his life- he looked so relieved after winning! But he knows he could be next on the chopping block.

What changes do you think need to be made to get this monkey off the Lions' back? They barely won their season opener and should have won 3 of the other 4. Should Chappie be shown the door? Should they go shopping for a new front O line? Should Wally be reminded that although he is the winning-est coach in the CFL and one of the nicest guys around, it is still a business and he may be in the cross hairs of upper management and might find himself coaching Edmonton in the not too distant future.

Thoughts guys? And try to keep the testosterone under control. lol

I say it is too early to fire anybody know, but if i was the president of the team i would be saying one more loss and we will be making big changes, If i had to change anything it would be starting JJ the next game, Sorry Travis but you lost 2 games for us.

And Waite patiently for Printers to become completely healthy , Then you will see this teams offense get rolling.

I do have a gut feeling JJ will start against Calgary.

So far Sask does not look that good against Hamilton, it would be nice for the east to knock off our 2 western teams Calgary and Sask to do us a big favor and keep things a bit tight in the west.

I'd be surprised if Lulay didn't start against Calgary but there's no getting away from the fact that he was the last one to touch the ball before the opposition got its paws on it.

So....you're watching the Sask/Ham game too are you on this beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon? Looks like you and I both need to get a life Dupsdell. lol Did you see Stala's end zone celebration after he scored the TD? Wow! Talk about excellent eye-hand coordination- and with a football no less.

Man it would be good to see The Ti-Cats beat Saskatchewan and then to see the Bombers take it to Calgary!

Yeah well they have to win so i say start Lullay but keep him on a short leash and bring JJ in if he struggles.

You cannot expect to win with Lulay. The man has not had enough reps with the 1st squad! He played 5 quarters before his first start! Lets be realistic here.

J. Jackson should be the starter, NOT Printers. I think two of the reasons Printers is the starter is:

  1. Wally is being Wally again. he is stubborn and likes to stick with "his guys." Remember the Grey Cup, Dickenson struggled and the ROY, Printers, was sitting on the bench. When he was brought in, it was too late!

  2. Printers is running on fumes. (past glories) He was a great QB, past tense. But what have you done for me lately, baby?


This is a question that needs to get asked? It doesn't matter who our QB is, no QB can play on their arse or getting flushed out of the pocket constantly.

That's a BINGO!

So Grims....what changes do you think should be made?

Everything to do with our O-line. I'm not worried about our defense or special teams.

First, leave Angus at center to anchor the line... Mr. Valli just doesn't get the calls right!

Second, find some more Canadian content for the O-Line. Not sure why we're starting an import at right guard... Is there absolutely nobody available that could fill that position???

Third, get rid of Dean Valli... never been a fan of his!

Fourth... one constant with the offensive line (and perhaps our problems) in recent years is Dorazio... Time for him to move on?

Fifth, get rid of Chapdelaine or find someone to help him out that is less predictable! Similar to the addition of Stubler... We've been running the same offense for years... at one point it was dynamic and original, now it's old and stale.

Defensively, I think the addition of Stubler has really helped the D. We haven't had a unit this strong in years!

As for special teams, they have been special... no complaints here. Nice to finally get that first kick return! Only though on this subject is that we've got two CFL ready kickers... I know Wally wants to hang on to both, but perhaps we've got some trade bait??? I'd be okay dealing White away (even thought he's our future) because there are a couple good kickers coming in the draft next year... in particular that kid from the U of A - what a leg!

That's my two cents at this point.

Some O-linemen out there that could be available and would surely help (at least in the short-term). Below is a list of some names and any reasoning I can find:

Kelly Bates (G) - on the 9-game injury list, but unhurt according to many...
Joe McGrath (T) - on the outs with his team?
Dimitri Tsoumpas or Steve Myddleton (G) - depending of course on how things work out in the next week or so
Dylan Steenbergen (T)
Skip Seagraves (T)
Zac Carlson - lots of potential, but on the practice roster
Matt Morencie - our draft pick from two years ago that got away...
Carlton Medder

I'm sure there are more names out there, but these guys were currently on team rosters...

Great posts RTK350! Enjoyed reading them. Let's hope some of the LIons' personnel read this forum.

I believe Travis Lulay has the talent to move this team but he cannot afford too many more blown plays that cost the game. I would criticize the O line yet again but during the last 2 games they played well enough for the Lions to win both games. Of course the Lions were not playing the likes of Calgary or Saskatchewan. The D is good enough to keep the Lions in the game but the O has to at least keep pace with the opposition. I shudder when I see who they will be meeting during the next 4 outings:


They are the cream of the CFL at this point. A loss in each of these games and the Lions can kiss their playoff hopes good-bye. They will be playing to keep their jobs for next year as the media likes to say.

Improve the O-line and replace Chapdelaine. Unfortunately, neither of these two things is particularly easy to do in the middle of the season.

The second one is very easy to do:

"Jacques, your fired!"

See how easy that was?

Wally is too stubborn for sticking with friends too long. Printers is overated, he was a one hit wonder in 2004. He has been nothing since then. Chapdelaine is too predictable. In fact my son and I are going to have a freiendly wager on Saturday night. We are going to predict the BC Offensive plays (Against each other). Loser is the designated driver and pays for post game dinner. Winner, Steak & Lobster and fine wine!

If you're going to do the bet like that, make it cognac not wine! :smiley: