What changes need to be made?

So here we are, 0-3 to start the season. Is it time to start making some changes?

I think one change we need to make is turfing Strasser. Last season after he took over, we finished 4-7 (including the playoffs), and two of those wins were against the hapless Argos. Now adding this season we're 4-10 since he took over the offence. And the problem is the offence. We can't score when we get in the redzone, and the offence stalls in the second half. 29-0 we've been outscored in fourth quarters. It's not the defence. The defence is doing all it can to keep us in games.

I'd also consider taking Campbell out of the starting line-up. Two straight games he's had costly drops. You could say the same about Stamps (a drop and a fumble), but in my opinion, he's still out there trying. He was making good catches. Can't say the same about Campbell...

One change off the bat: stop calling running plays on second and 5! Seriously, Strasser tried this multiple times today and each time it was stuffed for no gain or a loss. The delay draw on first and long works if you execute it properly and if the enemy team doesn't see it coming. Handing off on second and 5, asking your RB to pick up 5 yards in order to move the chains? You only do that if your running game is really firing on all cylinders, which was not the case for the Eskimos today.

A week or two ago, Strasser was quoted somewhere as saying that it was easy for one of your receivers to fit into your offense and learn the plays (can't remember the source, sorry). Well, Kevin, if it's that easy for your receiver, it's probably also easy for opposing defensive coordinators to game-plan and stop. Strasser likes a lot of backfield motion but I notice he doesn't have a lot of rubs or picks when multiple receivers are bunched to one side of the field (trips bunch, flips trip, etc.). So while it's easy for a receiver to run the route, it's also easy for a DB to stay with his man, because there is no one running interference and making it harder for him to stay in coverage.

Both of you are right on Chief and Discipline on the bad calls for running plays and on yanking Campbell for two games to put the "hunger" back in him perhaps.

And as for what not to change, it would be the rest of the offencive play-calling for that matter whether "easy" or not as is more likely the case with any pro offence.

As for the defence, the back eight need a serious overhaul at this point.

I myself could tackle better if I were up to "game" shape from decent shape now.

Fundamentals here -- wrap and pull down forget the stick or other highlight attempts! :x

Don't even get me started on the 2nd and 5 rush plays. I was complaining about that in the game topic.

The defence is playing OK, but the tackling definitely needs to improve. I actually saw a guy dive at a Sask player's toes. I wish I was joking. He dove at the guy's toes, and of course the Sask player just went right on by him. :roll:

Too bad for the loss. Seems like Edmonton can't buy a good break. I watched the game from start to finish and was convinced it was Edmonton's day. The Ray/Stamps combination is awesome. Even more revealing is how Edmonton's O line protected Ray against a Saskatchewan D that ate up the Lions a few weeks earlier. I still think Ray is one of the best QBs in the League. 0-3 is unpleasant but for some miscues it could easily be 2-1 or better. The Esks will do better in the weeks ahead. Good luck you guys.

From my point of view: The fourth quarter in the Winnipeg game will tell the story. We need to score, that is a given. Win they are 1-3, lose and the plany cards will be on the table for game #5 against B.C. at home. I don't want to even think about it. But I will say this: If the Eskimo's lose that game, I feel changes will be made. Thoughts anyone?

I agree...maybe Stamps and Campbell need to "ride the pine" to get their heads back in the game. Let the rookies ply their trade. Ray did get tunnel vision and looked only for Stamps and Campbell at the end.

I don't believe benching our 2 best guys is the way to break the losing streak. Although they messed up badly, if we sit everyone who's missed their assignment there would be nobody left to play.

The change we saw for this game was the release of Effron Hill and the re-signing of Jamaica Rector, I'd love to know who made the opposite choice 3 weeks ago and why it changed it now?

I'm opposed to sitting your two best receivers at a time when you desperately need wins. Stamps had the fumble, yes, but he racked up the yardage all night long. Give him a chance to atone for his mistake. Campbell's concentration has been an issue but if you bench him, you are taking a weapon away from Ricky Ray. Who's going to fill the breach? Kamau Peterson?

The offense just needs to stop overthinking in the red zone, just make basic solid plays and secure the football. Strasser needs to call a better game inside the 20.

well i thought the calls were fine
the turnovers were tough but ones of effort
what pains me is Ray’s lethargic approach
can he get to the line more slowly?
three time clock violations were due to his lethargy
hard to pick up the energy when the leader is so dozy…can’t watch him any more.

I don't think we should bench Stamps and Campbell. That wasn't what I meant. Stamps should still be in the starting line-up. Like D&P said, he still racked up the yards, and he had quite a few key catches that kept the offence moving. What I meant is maybe Campbell should come off the bench. Back-to-back games with key drops. Doesn't really seem like his head is in the game. Maybe losing his starting spot will light a fire under him.

IMO you got to let those guys battle through it. The last thing you want to do is get them less involved in a game especially when one of those guys had over 200 yards recieving. However if Cambell drops another TD or any key pass next week then maybe reducing his role may not be a bad idea. Just like Whitlock last year, keep getting them the ball and letting them work through it. Again, if they show they can't do that then a reduced role for a week might be an answer. Still too early IMO to be hitting the panic button. The Eskies made the Riders look very human in their own building. BC and Calgary have not looked like they are ready to put together a string of wins. Edmonton just needs a break/bounce to go their way in the next couple games and just like that they will be right back in it.

I do not think Edmonton's schemes are the problem. I think it is more routine mental errors that are hurting them. Having to burn their timeout..missing routine tackles..fumbles etc... Time to re focus for the guys in Green n Gold.

Dariderfan..if I was RR, I would have locked onto Stamps too. Nobody could cover him.

Hmmm… where do I start?

Benching Stamps for what? 2, count them, 2 mistakes, although very costly, he is the only true offensive weapon who is reliable. Led the league in receiving last year, currently leading the league this year on an 0-3 team.

Campbell, not as impressive as Stamps, but he still helps this offense out. Without him, teams could key on Stamps and then where would the Esks be. Now, Campbell needs to get his sh*t together and quit playing like a scared chicken. Another dropped TD doesnt help his cause, but I say give him another couple games before throwing him under the bus.

Ricky Ray, hands down the best pocket passer in the league. Yes, last week he got flustered a bit in the 4th quarter but wouldnt you get flustered if you had two perfectly thrown balls go through the receivers hands which would of been TD’s. Ricky was cool calm and collective against this amazing SASK defence.

Defensively, they kept the Esks in the game. How many FG’s have they forced this year? Have we forgotten the horrible defence from last year’s Jim Daley era. Yes, they can always play better, but the issue is not on defence.

O-line needs to improve although they seemed to play decent against Sask D.
Besides Stamps and Campbell, what other receiver has even caught a first down?

My opinion, the O.C. has got to go. With all of these weapons, he obviously is missing the point. 1st and 10, automatic run for him. Currently 4-11 since he took over. How many more games do we have to suffer through before a change is made.

On the road to Bomber Land. I say they get their first win!! :rockin:

Hopefully by a score of...............dare I say it...............I can't resist: Edmonton gets their first win 37-17. :wink:

To be honest, I’d like to see them use some of the other receivers we have. Where are Kamau Peterson and Andre Talbot? How many throws have these guys received? It’s all Stamps and Campbell. Stamps is great, but Campbell seems like he’s out of it. Let’s start throwing to the other guys.

Agree with these comments plus the following:

-Take away Campbell as a starter to get him hungrier and have to win back the role. Apparently he's from Atlanta, and I have a feeling that Milt Stegall who was commenting may have crossed paths with Campbell because that is Milt's hometown. No excuses for the multiple drops this is the pros. Most of them seem to have been mentally induced more than physical shortcomings.

-Major overhaul needed for the back 8 on defence.

Still I am feeling the Eskies to win this weekend though I can't explain why. Though in shambles on defence in the back something tells me they are hungry and mad enough to just barely do it now. We have to go up by at least 14 at the half though to do it I think.

That's well and good, but Peterson and Talbot have to get open. The last memory I have of Peterson is him letting Brown get a better break on the ball in game two and take Ray's pass back for a pick-six. That won't cut it.

[b]"Agree with these comments plus the following:

-Major overhaul needed for the back 8 on defence."[/b]

Let me see if I got this correct: The Esks are number #1 in pass defence, and Last in Rushing defence and you want to do a "Major Overhaul of the back 8"

After watching the first 3 weeks of the season, I will take the Esks back 8 over, Montreal, Sask, and BC. Not to mention Hamilton, Toronto, and Winnipeg.

Give credit where and when its due. Offense is underperforming.

Now, what about the O.C.'s head on a platter?


Have to disagree as but for one run by Wes Cates off an old-school double tight set, the D-line did its job yesterday for the most part with the next level doing the worst of the season.

Also as stated below also by others, I don't see issues with the offence if we did not have key dropped passes except for those bad run calls.

I have to agree with turfing Strasser; his tenure has been disastrous. What stuns me is the predictability of the play calling; if I'm an armchair fan who can see what's coming next then other teams must find it child's play. I'd also like to see other QB's coming off the bench. Ricky Ray seems bored and lethargic and I think it's time to put him under pressure and actually make him work for his starting place. On the plus side, Fred Stamps is playing very well, and if the rest of the team was making an effort like him then his two mistakes would not have mattered. But because we now completely rely on him, when he makes mistakes it really hurts - we cannot rely on one guy to win games for us.

I am also concerned by the number of missed tackles I'm seeing week after week. In one play on Saturday 5 tackles were missed - why can't these guys stop the run?

Honestly, I'm not sure I can stomach watching another appalling performance from this team. If I was a conspiracy theorist I would be thinking Maciocia was trying to destroy this once great team on purpose.