What changes need to be made for the Leos next year?

Help on both the Ol Line and D Line should be the highest priority.

If the lions cant improve the O line, I think they will have to change their schemes to use a TE (maybe Gavadza) or a FullBack instaed of 5 and 6 receivers. You cant throw if you dont have the time to set up.

The D Line, Brent Johnson and Chris Wilson are good but need more consistency. They have great games and are invisible like the WF. The interior line gets no push up front. The lions get no pressure unless they blitz db's or lb's .

You want to know, here's the news:

[url=http://www.canada.com/vancouver/theprovince/news/sports/story.html?id=f930ee67-f842-4cfb-bf1b-fe98e21f7435]http://www.canada.com/vancouver/theprov ... 98e21f7435[/url]

Frickin' kick me in the teeth, why don't you!! Maybe you guys are right about coaching, but I believed in Wally when he dumped Kelvin Anderson and brought in Antonio. But Wally... he is "not as good" as any other member of the front 7? C'mon, you come off like it's a personal thing.

It is a team sport, tho. And if you don't want to contribute the way of the iron fist, I guess you just don't... and that's that.

Year after freakin' year number 51 has put up the numbers and busted his hump for our squad!! Much respect, Barrin! As the Preacherman in the middle you do need the spotlight, baby. Thank you for all the years of making our LB core earn its respect.

does anyone notice how pigeon toed he is??

how are they gonna do that ?

Well if that occurs you will see Wally leave he is not the kind that likes people telling him what to do? One of the reasons I have lost respect for him, that and the way he cut Pitt's not very classy IMO.

You cant blame Chapdelaine for not having an O line… (GM or coaches job)
.I thought he was very innovative…Lions by far had the most looks to keep teams guessing… the problem was teams didnt have to guess to get to the QB… you cant win games when your QB’s are either A) Injured or B) Pummeled constantly
…which team in the CFL has had all 3 QB’s injured??? Nuff said :slight_smile:

they gotta keep casey.buno is stupid if he keeps dickson cuz dickison gonna retire in a while.and dickson is old.hes gonna faint.casey has speed and is still young

Whoever the starting QB is ... it doesn't matter. Both are capable of MVP seasons as long as other areas are fixed.

Totally agree with the o-line. It was the worst in the league ... period.
I will never forget the blindside hit Dickenson took in the Hamilton game on the TD pass to Paris Jackson that seperated his left shoulder when he hit the turf. Worst hit any QB in the league took this season.

Our QBs weren't given enough time and the running game was MIA for the last 2 months ... again because of poor blocking.

The playcalling also left a lot to be desired too. Way too much talent in the skill positions to do so little down the stretch. Chapdelaine better do some serious adjustments to the playbook.

What I don't want is Printers to go to the Riders...........

For starters they can get rid of Casey and his attitude. His act has worn thin, let him go hold a clipboard in the NFL. Dave will lead us to the Grey Cup if and only if Wally shores up the o-line. We also need some good DBs as well as some one to help Brent Johnson get pressure on the other teams QBs. Duncan and Casey have got to go. Casey is arogant and we don't need his whining any longer. I for one will not go to any games if Dave is gone. He is down to earth and doesn't have the swelled head that Casey has. Some call it confidence I call it arogance. All you Dave bashers, where were your complaints when he led them to an 11-0 start?? How many games did they win with The Chosen one as the starter?? NOT MANY.

I complained long and hard about DD. 50% of the sacks were due to him not seeing open recievers because he's so damn short. He had a high completion rate only because he allowed himself to be sacked so often. It was not always the O-lines fault.

We don't need fans like you, who will give up tickets just because your favourite QB is gone. If you are a real fan of the Leos, you'll be there irregardless of who is playing in the QB spot.

I hope Dave does get traded because not only will it save me money but he deserves to go to a place where he will be appreciated because as he doesn't need fans like you, who wear rose color classes for the hot dog(Casey), bashing him all the time. Dave is a proven winner, Casey is not. Don't come crying to me next year when the "great and wonderful" Casey sucks. He showed how good a QB he is this year by his win/loss record. Casey showed his true character when miraculously he was suddenly healthy as soon as Dave was injured. Casey wasn't injured at all, only looking out for himself. And you want that as your QB??? WHATEVER.

As I said above, a real fan of the Leos would be there, irregardless of who is playing QB.

I'll be there next year, and it doesn't matter to me whether it's DD playing, or CP. Besides, I think the one wearing rose-coloured glasses is you my friend...just look at your nic...

Correct me if I'm wrong but I understand that DD has never played a complete season he always get's injured or whatever so I think that saying that Casey is gonna miss to many games due to injury is idiotic. I think that Casey and Dave for all intents and purposes are about equil and I know that Casey is younger and puts more people in the stands so he's the one you have to go with.

I think I've been converted to Printers. Early in the season I defended Dickenson (75% comp ) but the injury prone thing concerns me. I think trading Dickenson for some PROVEN linemen would be the way to go ONLY if we can sign Printers long term.

Buck Pierce will be a perfect Backup QB.

It's not as black and white/left and right a choice as many here see it to be and would not enjoy a ride in Walley Buono's shoes as he contemplates this decision.

Some warts:
1)Casey Printers is either higher than than a kite or as low as a dead skunk, and this is scarry baggage to be carrying when you're attempting to sell yourself as the next "exclusive" number one to take this team forward.
Great leaders are often supercharged, stimulating and riviting but they also know when to choose their spots. People of this ilk, for as high as they get will fall proportionatly in a nano second and it takes very little adversity to cause the change.
I sight the performance as he skipped out of the tunnel to his # one role, and the who da mans only to fall short when it came time to shut up and have his performance do the talking. Walking around with his head down he lost not only his ability to lead, he may very well have lost a little repect of some of his team members on that day.
Followers of the team have seen this throughout Casey's season.

  1. Sports writers and broadcasters, people close to the game and with a greater depth of knowledge than most of us here appear to enjoy, oft times have spoken of the struggles Casey endured in his backup roll this past season. He was certainly no Jason Maas in his personal management of his relegation to #2.

  2. Casey's performance (I may have the wrong game but believe it was the halftime with Edmonton in town) as he sat outside the dressing room comiserating, crying, or seeking almighty intervention while "his" team were gatherd inside in a hog wallow of misery, was not only unacceptable it was a cop out. These guys were looking for leadership, strength of character to pick up their spirits and super charge them for the second half only to have Casey simply selfishly abdicate. Believe Wally...or somebody had to re-call CP to join in with the rest of his team.

Casey Printers brings to the table a great arm, wonderful potential but his mental game is suspect.

On the other hand, unlike Casey Printers I see Dave Dickenson as a cerebrial QB, a steady influence.
That said he also has some very real challenges that will receive due dilligence when coaching makes their selection.

  1. By his own admission DD is all too often injured, some times as a result of his own actions. Love the fact that his efficiency is an annual record breaker, but the downside is it comes with a price as he gives up quantum leaps of yardage rather than ground a ball for fear of having it picked off.
    Both QB's would benefit from better protection which has clearly caused them untold grief. IMO offensive line coaching needs a refit and a reshuffle of player personnel (the addition of some star power) would also be appropriate...but I digress.

  2. As much as I applaude the leadership and strength of character of a Dave Dickenson, he got caught up in the swagger and lackadaisical performances of his team in the latter stages of the big eleven. There were a few times they pulled out two points in the absence of a time honored work ethic and fell into the entitlement mind set. That is to say we're damb good and we're so damb good we don't have to work as hard to beat the "less thans" throughout the rest of this league.
    Good leadership to include good coaching should have seen the fall coming and a little expectation management may have partially averted a crash or at least minimized the pain and prepared them for the recovery when it happened....but I digress again.

  3. The most concerning aspect surrounding the Lions keeping a Dave Dickenson (should CP not make it in the bigs, and I personally don't think he'd stick there) is his age. How much longer can he play this game and take the beatings he has so often endured. If Casey goes to the NFL and stays there this is all moot.

While I've only discussed downside, both of these guys clearly have a huge upside as well. One can be assured that no matter who the Leos keep, the other will likely come back to bite them in the rear loin in their own house one day.

Flip a coin...is it heads or heart. BJ

BP will make an excellent backup, with a bit of experience, he'lll make a great QB in the CFL.

Printers is young and healthy, and given some seasoning & maturity, I'm positive he'll end up being one of the best in the CFL.

Wally could be a great coach. Great coaches put aside there personal feelings and do whats best for the team. Mistakes happen, admit it and move on. Sign 51 Simon, 1 Printer. Trade 12 DD for on offensive lineman or two. Protect your QB. Get a blocker for Warren. Trade or release DO. To bad they never got it together :frowning: BC Place would have been totally rockin. Ears would have been ringing for a week. See ya next year.

:D sounds pretty good. Can also include DO in the deal. 8)

Lets hear the positive side, 8) which is always harder to discuss. Negitive talk is simple. :!: Love Hawkeye.xo :lol: